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The Association for Social Economics was founded in 1941 seeking to promote high quality research in the broadly defined area of social economics. Social economics is the study of the ethical and social causes and consequences of economic behavior, institutions, organizations, theory, and policy. The fields of research promoted by ASE include the mutual relationships among ethics, social values, concepts of social justice, and the social dimensions of economic life. Social Economics investigates the relationships between the economy and society. Social economists address such questions as: what economic conditions are requisite for a good society and how can they be achieved; how do social and moral values influence economic behavior; how does social interaction affect economic outcomes; what are the ethical implications of economic theory and policy; and how do different social institutions contribute to a sustainable, just, and efficient economy. The ASE welcomes academics and practitioners who regard human behavior to be the result of complex social interactions with ethical consequences.



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  • ASE at ASSA 2017



    Allied Social Science Association Annual Meeting Chicago, IL, January 6-8 (Friday to Sunday), 2017 

    THEME: Human Development and Poverty Reduction

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    (3-year term appointed by Executive Council)

    The Association for Social Economics (ASE) seeks a new Program Secretary. The Program Secretary is responsible for coordinating efforts in order to ensure smooth running of the ASE sessions at the Allied Social Science Associations (ASSA) meetings. This is a three-year term from January 2017 through December 2019. The Program Secretary is appointed by the Executive Council of the Association.

    The Program Secretary:

    • Coordinates with the ASSA for the annual meeting; works to plan the annual membership meeting, plenary session, breakfast, and sessions, ensuring that all are included in the general program.
    • Works with the ASSA and the ASE President-Elect on the program for the annual meetings; proofs galleys for ASSA program book, especially those pages relating directly to ASE sessions.
    • Arranges for and sets menus and prices for the Association Presidential breakfast and the plenary session and makes certain that the breakfast is included in the ASSA pre-registration materials as a fee event.
    • Notifies members of the availability of the ASSA-provided pre-registration.
    • Receives a reimbursement not to exceed $500 annually to partially cover the cost of attending the annual meetings of ASE in association with the SSA meetings if full funding is not provided by the individual’s host institution.
    • Receives one of the two complimentary rooms allocated to the Association at the annual meetings with ASSA.

    In order to apply, please send a letter of interest and a CV to Prof. Giuseppe Fontana (G.Fontana@leeds.ac.uk), President of the Association for Social Economics, Economics, Univ. of Leeds (UK) and Univ. of Sannio (Italy), by November 1st, 2016. Phone interviews will be held in mid-November 2016.

  • Call for abstracts
    ASE sessions at the Eastern Economic Association

    Association for Social Economics at the Eastern Economic Association Annual Meeting
    New York City, February 23-26, 2017
    Deadline: November 19, 2016

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  • Association for Social Economics
    at the Midwest Economics Association

    Call for Papers

    March 31 - April 2, 2017
    Westin Cincinnati
    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Deadline October 6, 2016

     Theme: The Economy as Social - Studies in Social Economics

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    Professor John B. Davis manages a listserv for ASE. The goals of this listserv are to increase communication, knowledge of research and activities, and opportunities for interaction between individuals within the social economics community. Any member of the list can send postings to the list by sending them to the list manager, and they will be posted if they fall within the range of the listserv functions above. Place your posting in the body of your message, and send to: john.davis@marquette.edu. For the subject heading use: ASE listserv