Expression of Interest in Hosting

World Congress 2015

Thank you for your interest in hosting a site for a future World Congress.  Please read this information and then click at the bottom to submit your site suggestion.  Note that you will need to register on the ASE website to submit.  There is no cost for doing so.

Based on the expressions of interest the Committee will further explore one or more sites and ask for additional supporting information before making a final selection.

Deadline for expressing interest is July 15, 2014 for the 2015 WC.

The local Chair or Chairs will work with the Program Secretary to handle logistics of venue, registration, meals, budgeting, and so on, keeping within the budget guidelines set by the Executive Committee.  A separate Local Program Committee will finalize the theme, select the plenary speaker, and put together the individual sessions. 





Please consider the following general requirements for organizing a World Congress.  This information can be updated and expanded biannually, in light of the previous meetings. 

Facility Requirements

Meeting Space

  • The meetings are usually held over four days (a shorter World Congress lasting three days can also be considered).
  • A Plenary Session and Opening Reception are held in the late afternoon and early evening of the first day.  Sessions are held for the following two full days and the conference ends with a dinner on the third evening. There are usually three or four concurrent sessions, so three or four meeting rooms that hold about 30 people each are needed.  These rooms need to have computer and projector capability.  Having a Technology person on call, or at least available, might be a good thing.
  • The Plenary Session requires a large room that can hold all of the participants.  We usually have approximately 100 people attending.  The same technology needs apply.
  • An Opening Reception usually follows the Opening Plenary Address.  Thus, we also need a space for the reception that can accommodate food and drinks for about 100 people.  (In Amsterdam, the Reception was held at the Botanical Gardens, and in Albertville we had the reception at the Castle overlooking the town.  Having the reception in such special places makes the conferences very memorable.  However, having a “special place” for a reception is not absolutely necessary.  The reception in Montreal was held in the hall adjacent to the room where the Plenary Session took place, and that worked too.  This reception often takes the place of dinner on the first evening.)
  • We often have a Conference Dinner, and we usually have a speaker at the dinner.  The dinner can be a good place to make announcements and to give awards, though award recipients must be notified.  We have held the dinner on board a boat on Lake Michigan, in a hall at Cambridge, at a beach house in Charleston, at a museum in Amsterdam, and in restaurants in Albertville and in Montreal.  We have lots of options and possibilities with the dinner, but we do need a place that will accommodate about 60-75 people.

Housing Arrangements

  • The person in charge of local arrangements makes the agreements and negotiations with hotels for blocks of rooms and rates.  Hotels generally need to be close, within walking distance, to the place where the sessions are held.  Hotels and rates are posted on the ASE web site.
  • Participants make their own housing arrangements and reservations.
  • In a few cases, dormitory space has been made available at very low rates, especially for students.  While this is not necessary, it might be helpful if the meeting is held on a campus.  We need a range of prices for housing.

Note that you will need to register on the ASE website to submit your site interest.  There is no cost.

For problems with the website contact:

For questions about the World Congress contact:

Thank you!

The World Congress Organizing Committee: Jonathan Wight (University of Richmond), Mark White (College of Staten Island), Jane Clary (College of Charleston), Robert LaJeunesse (EEOC), Irene van Stavern (ISS-Netherlands), and Carlo D’Ippoliti (Sapienza University of Rome).