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2014, Volume 43, Issue 3

Inequality and the Phases of Capitalism
Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira

Contemporary Capitalism as a New Monetary Economy of Production: The Logic of Conventions, M&A, and LBOs
Alessandro Caiani, Andrea Fumagalli, and Stefano Lucarelli

The Macroeconomic Consequences of Mixing Sunnis and Shias: A Bayesian Errors-in-Variables Approach
John Levendis

Book Review: Eco-Sufficiency and Global justice, ed. By S. Salleh
A.J. Brennan and P.A. O’Hara


2014, Volume 43, Issue 2

Origins of the Association for Social Economics
Edward J. O’Boyle

Effects of Expected Effort on Females in the Labor Market
Ori Zax, Mosi Rosenboim, and Tal Shavit

Educational Attainment and the Gender Wage Gap: A Comparison of Young Men and Women in 1984 and 2007
Joshua D. Pitts and Charles Kroncke

What Do the Elderly Do?
Frederic L. Pryor

Why Need is ‘A Word We Cannot Do Without’ in Economic
Roger A. McCain


2014, Volume 43, Issue 1

The Last Mile in Analyzing Well-Being and Poverty: Indices of Social Development
Irene Van Staveren., Ellen Webbink, Arjan de Haan, and Roberto Foa

Yet, Two More Revisions of the Human Development Index
Edsel Beja Jr.

IQ and Economic Development: A Critique of Lynn and Vanhanen
Jennifer Moreale., John Levendis

Consumption, Credit, and Institutions: Using Field Research and Theory to Consier Poverty Alleviation
W. Parker Wheatley

Review: ‘R. Tilman – Thorstein Veblen and His European Contemporaries, 1880 – 1940: A Study of Contemporary Sociologies’
John Hall


2013, Volume 42, Issue 4

Adam Smith: From Propriety and Sentiments to Prosperity and Wealth
Vernon L. Smith

Sentiments and Motivation in Adam Smith and Vernon Smith
Jonathan B. Wight

From Propriety to Prosperity, or is it the Other Way Round?
Paolo Ramazzotti

Vernon Smith’s Explanation of Moral Sentiments
B. Jane Clary

Methodenstreit 2013? Historical Perspectives on the Contemporary Debate Over How to Reform Economics
Peter M. Spiegler, and William Milberg

Panglossian Paradox: How Paradigmatic Purity Compromises Policy Effectiveness
Ann E. Davis

Core Concepts of Institutionalist Public Finance: Problem Solving, Institutional Analysis, Strategic Choice, and Stakeholder Engagement
Charles J. Whalen

The Benefits of Capitalism and Freedom Will Survive the Financial Crisis and This Seminar
Robert D. Auerbach


2013, Volume 42, Issues 2-3

Ethical Principles that Make the World and its Economy More Equal
Hengameh Hosseini, and Hamed Hosseini

Rethinking Trade and Development: A Developmentalist Perspective
Peter Sai-wing Ho

Explaining Self-Declared Social Tolerance for Human Diversity in Latin America and the Caribbean
Prosper F. Bangwayo-Skeete, and Precious Zikhali

Constructing Projects of National Development in Latin America?
James M. Cypher

Democracy, Development and Comparative Institutional Advantage in Africa
Geoff Schneider, and Berhanu Nega

The Right to Organize in the Philippine Business Process Outsourcing Industry
Jason Patalinghug

Does ‘New Regionalism Theory’ Explain the Complementary Role of Foreign Direct Investment and Trade Activity in the Central and Eastern European Region? The Case of Bulgaria
Aristidis P. Bitzenis, Andreas Andronikidis, and Pyrros D. Papadimitriou


2013, Volume 42, Issue 1

Critical Thinking and Applied Political Economy: Towards Understanding the Social Construction of Reality
Daniel A. Underwood

Krugman Meets Marx and Keynes at the Baby-Sitting Co-op
Mark Lautzenheiser, and Yavuz Ya┼čar

A Reading on Money and Money Creation
Kevin Furey

Minimum Wages and Economic Justice: A Classroom Exercise
Aaron Pacitti, and W. Scott Trees

But That Is Unfair Professor: Using a Grade Structure to Help Students Understand Income Quintiles
Timothy Wunder

Teaching Feminist Economics through Student-Written Diaries
Genna R. Miller

Examining the Unique Characteristics of Economics: A Description of a Student Assignment
Elizabeth Moorhouse

Student Evaluations, Grade Inflation and Pluralistic Teaching: Moving from Customer Satisfaction to Student Learning and Critical Thinking
Geoff Schneider


2012, Volume 41, Issues 2-3

A New Economic Strategy for the USA: A Framework of Alternative Development Notions
Nikolaos Karagiannis, and Zagros Madjd-Sadjadi

The Living Wage, Economic Efficiency, and Socio-Economic Wellbeing in a Competitive Market Economy
Morris Altman

On the Pro-Social Security Rhetoric
Rojhat B. Avsar

Does Libertarian Paternalism Reconcile Merit Goods Theory with Mainstream Economics?
Stefan Mann, and Miriam Gairing

Globalization and State: Four Paradigmatic Views
Kavous Ardalan

Guy Routh’s Heterodox Critique of Economic Methodology
Robert W. Dimand, and Robert H. Koehn

Competition for Power and Altruism
Luigi Bosco


2012, Volume 41, Issue 1

Marxist Theories of Crisis and the Current Economic Crisis
Thanasis Maniatis

Emil Lederer’s Theory of Crises and the Role of Financial Institutions
Angelos T. Vouldis,, Panayotis G. Michaelides, and John G. Milios

The New Economics of Labour Migration: Beware Neoclassical Bearing Gifts
Alexandre Abreu

Neolibaralism and Class Reproduction in India: The Political Economy of Privatisation in the Mineral Sector in the Indian State of Orissa
Matilde Adduci

Political Economy of Labour Market Institutions and Implications for Developing Countries: From the Debates in India
Satoshi Miyamura


2011, Volume 40, Issue 3 / October

The New Division of Labor in the Globalized Economy:  Women's Challenges and Opportunities
Valeria Sodano

The Local Economy Movement:  An Alternative to Neoliberalism?
John Posey

Short Changing the Value of Democracy for Economic Development in Africa
Berhanu Nega

The Economic Problem of Happiness:  Keynes on Happiness and Economics
Anna Maria Carabelli and Mario Aldo Cedrini

Economics, Democracy, and the Distribution of Capital Ownership
Robert Ashford, Presented at the ASSA Meeting


2011, Volume 40, Issue 2 / July

Are Full Employment and Social Cohesion Possible Under Financialization?
Georgios Argitis and Stella Michopoulou

Market as a Weapon:  Domination by Virtue of a Constellation of Interests
Anton Oleinik

Capabilities and Constraints
Shankaran Nambiar

On the Role of Paradigms in Understanding Economic Globalization
Kavous Ardalan

Some Insights on Religion from Public Goods Economics
Prateek Goorha

Struggle for Survival in the Deregulated Market:  Re-commodification and Informalisation of the Taxi Sector in Stockholm
Zoran Slavnic

Keynes' Preface to the German Edition of the General Theory:  Nazi Sympathies or Methodological Empathies?
Mark Pernecky and Thomas Richter

Explorations in Social Economics. A Convoluted Path
David George

Minsky Goes to Buffalo - and Takes on the Economics Establishment
Charles J. Whalen

2011, Volume 40, Issue 1 / April

Special Issue:  Stanfield's Concepts of Social and Political Economy
Guest Editor:  Phillip Anthony O'Hara

Stanfield's Concepts of Social and Political Economy:  Introduction to the Special Issue
Phillip A. O'Hara

Some Social Economics Concepts for Future Research
James Ronald Stanfield

Economic Surplus, Social Reproduction, Nurturance and Love
Phillip A. O'Hara

Neoliberal Capitalism:  A Time Warp Backwards to Capitalism's Origins?
Kunibert Raffer

The Polanyi-Stanfield Contribution:  Reembedded Globalization
Doug Brown

The Acting Person:  Social Capital and Sustainable Development
Edward J. O'Boyle

The Economic Surplus as a Fund for Social Change and Postneoliberal Governance
Mary V. Wrenn

Social Change versus Transition:  The Political Economy of Institutions and Transitional Economies
John Marangos