The Association for Social Economics strives to reward and encourage scholarship in social economics.  With this aim we have established several grants, awards and best paper prizes.

The most prestigious award presented by ASE is the Thomas F. Divine award.  Named for one of the founding fathers of the Association for Social Economics, the Thomas F. Divine Award is presented annually to an Association member who over a lifetime has made important contributions to social economics and the social economy.  The recipient is selected by the Executive Council of ASE.

Several awards are presented to young scholars and professors new to social economics research.  The Helen Potter Award is presented to the best paper published in the Review of Social Economy by a promising scholar in social economics.  The recipient is selected by the editors of the Review.  Similarly, the Elba Brown-Collier Student Paper Award is presented to the best paper presented at the World Congress for Social Economics by a promising scholar.  The recipient is selected by the World Congress Program Committee.

To further support research by promising scholars in the study of social economics, ASE established the William R. Waters Grant.  This grant is for amount up to $5,000.  Recipients are expected to apply for these grants.  The recipients are selected by a committee chaired by the Vice-President for ASE.  Application deadlines are always November 1 of the year before the grant is provided.

Awards for scholarly publications and/or presentations which are not restricted to promising scholars are the Warren Samuels Prize and the Springer Best Paper Award.  The Warren Samuels Prize is awarded to a paper presented at the annual ASSA meetings which best exemplifies scholarly work that is of high quality, is important to the project of social economics, and has broad appear across disciplines.  Potential recipients are invited to submit their papers for selection to the selection committee.

The Springer Award was given to the author of the best article published in the Forum for Social Economics.  This award was sponsored by Springer Journals, the publisher for the Forum.  The award was presented from 2008 through 2011.  The last year for this award to be presented is for work published in 2011 as Taylor and Francis began publishing the Forum in January, 2012.  The Executive Council has established a NEW award for the best article published in the Forum.  The new award will be named in 2013 and the first recipient will be selected for 2013 and presented at the ASE meetings in January, 2014.

Lastly, the Association for Social Economics wishes to reward the members who make the association function.  The Ludwig Mai Service Award.  This award is presented to a person who has rendered exceptional service to the Association.  Recipients are selected by the Executive Council.