Thomas F. Divine Award

Named for one of the founding fathers of the Association for Social Economics, the Thomas F. Divine Award is presented annually to an Association member who over a lifetime has made important contributions to social economics and the social economy. The Award takes the form of a bronze medallion with the recipient's name and date of presentation engraved on the back.  A $1,000 cash stipend is included. The Award is formally presented by the Association at the Presidential Breakfast at the annual meetings.

The Award was presented for the first time in 1986 to William Waters of DePaul University. Since then recipients are:

1987 Franz Mueller
1988 Joseph Solterer
1989 Peter Danner and George Rohrlich
1990 Joseph Becker
1991 John Elliott
1992 Kendall Cochran
1993 Stephen Worland
1994 Wallace Peterson
1995 Walter Adams and Lewis Hill
1996 John O'Brien and Richard Mulcahy
1997 Warren Samuels and Sister Catherine Knoop, CSJ
1998 Hans Jensen
1999 Severyn Bruyn
2000 Mark Lutz
2001 Bill Dugger
2002 Ron Stanfield
2003 Ed O'Boyle
2004 Daniel R. Finn
2005 Ingrid H. Rima
2006 Charles K. Wilber
2007 John B. Davis
2008 Jon D. Wisman
2009 John P. Tiemstra
2010 David L. George
2011 Edward J. Kane
2012 Marianne A. Ferber
2013 Julie A. Nelson
2014 Irene van Staveren
2015 Deborah Figart
2016 Robert W. Dimand
2017 Philip Arestis 
2018 Ellen Mutari