Sponsored by the Association for Social Economics


The Association for Social Economics has sponsored the World Congress for Social Economics since 1996, beginning with the eighth meeting.  Before 1996, the World Congress was sponsored, first, by the International Institute for Social Economics, and, later, jointly by IISE and ASE.  The World Congress was begun in 1980 by IISE and Barrie Pettman, ISSI founder. After the 2000 meeting, ASE decided to hold a World Congress every three years.  Meetings have, at times, been held on a college campus, though this has not always been the case.  In some instances, dormitory space has been used for some housing, though this has not recently been the case.  The list below shows the location and organizing committee for each World Congress.

15      2015       Ontario, Canada            Robert Dimand, Ellen Mutari, Elba Brown Collier, ASE 

14      2012       Glasgow, Scotland         Bob McMaster, Martha Starr, Jane Clary, Elba Collier, ASE
13      2010       Montreal, Canada          Morris Altman, Deb Figart, Martha Starr, Elba Collier, ASE
12      2007       Amsterdam, NL             John Davis, Jane Clary, Elba Collier, U of Amsterdam, ASE
11      2004       Albertville, FR               Jane Clary, Wilfred Dolfsma, Deb Figart, Elba Collier, ASE
10      2000       Cambridge, UK              Ed O’Boyle, Ed Fitzsimmons, ASE
9        1998       Chicago, IL, USA           Ed O’Boyle, Barbara Kraemer OSF, ASE
*8      1996       Charleston, SC, USA      Jane Clary, ASE
7        1994       Verona, IT                    Guiseppe Gaburro, ASE, IISE
6        1991       Omaha, NE, USA           Tom Nitsch, ASE, IISE
5        1988       York, UK                       Barrie Pettman, IISE
4        1986       Toronto, Canada            Barrie Pettman, IISE
3        1983       Fresno, CA, USA            John O’Brien, Barrie Pettman, IISE
2        1981       Tel Aviv, IS                   Barrie Pettman, IISE
1        1980       Mexico City, MX             Barrie Pettman, International Institute of Social Economics

*first WC for which ASE took financial responsibility



The World Congress attracts a very different group of participants than do the annual meetings, held in the USA in conjunction with the ASSA meetings every January.  We are able to accommodate more papers at the World Congress, we can include student papers, and we attract more people from outside the U.S. to these meetings.  Holding the World Congress every two years allows us to increase our activities, our presence, and our membership.  We look forward to having you join us in 2014.