Allied Social Science Association

The Association for Social Economics is one of the charter members of the ASSA.  The annual General Membership meeting of the Association for Social Economics meets in conjunction with the annual meetings of ASSA.  As one of the participating associations, ASE is allotted 8 or 9 sessions to organize their own program.

Each year ASE sponsors an opening plenary session followed by a reception which is open to all ASSA participants.  The speakers at these sessions have included Joseph Stiglitz of Columbia University and Robert Reich of The University of California, Berkley.  We welcome you to attend.


President Deborah Figart with Robert Reich
January, 2006

Nobel Prize Winner Joseph Stiglitz
January, 2010


The outgoing President of the Association for Social Economics presents their Presidential Address at the Presidential Breakfast.  Presidential Addresses are published in the Review of Social Economy.

January, 2014, President Johathan B. Wight of the University of Richmond.  Presidential address entitled "Economics Within a Pluralist Ethical Tradition". 

January, 2013, President Martha Starr of American University.  Presidential address entitled "The Social Responsibility of Business Through a Socio-Economics Lens".

January, 2012, President Zohreh Emami of Alverno College Presidential address entitled "Social Economics and Evolutionary Learning".

January, 2011, President Jane Clary of the Collegeof Charleston Presidential address entitled "Institutional Usury and the Banks".

January, 2010, President Morris Altman of the Victoria University of Wellington Presidential address entitled "In the Pursuit of Freedom: The Behavioral and Insitutional Foundations for the Formation and Actualization of Preferences."

January, 2009 President John B. Davis of Marquette University and the University of Amsterdam   Presidential address entitled "Identity, Individuals and Recent Economics"

January, 2008 President John P. Tiemstra of Calvin College Presidential address entitled "Rethinking the Costs of Economic Growth".