About the journal: Review of Social Economy is an international, peer-reviewed journal, publishing high-quality, original research. Only articles in English are considered.

Authors should submit a properly anonymised version of the paper in pdf format and a separate cover page with authors' information and details. The submission should contain no identifying information (and any acknowledgements should be included in the cover page). Any self-references in the text should be in the third person.

We prefer manuscripts of up to 9000 words (including footnotes and references). Manuscripts that are between 9000 and 12000 words can also be submitted, but will be subjected to particular scrutiny.“

Authors are encouraged to make their article accessible to an interdisciplinary audience. Formal contributions and papers with substantive econometric analysis are welcome, but authors should consider moving formal proofs and detailed mathematical or econometric arguments in the Appendix.

Authors are encouraged to include any material that may facilitate the refereeing process but is not meant for publication (such as evidence of robustness checks, additional results, the details of certain proofs) in a separate file or in an appendix clearly marked "Supplementary material not for publication" at the end of the paper.

Footnotes, referencing and spelling: at the initial submission stage, papers should adopt a consistent referencing style of the author’s choice (e.g. Harvard or Chicago) and a consistent spelling throughout the manuscript. Either footnotes or endnotes are acceptable.

These instructions hold only for first submissions. Upon acceptance, authors are required to revise their papers to meet the publisher's guidelines (add link here) and send the source files of all material included in their submission in suitable Latex or MWord formats.

Replication policy: It is the policy of the Review of Social Economy to publish formal and quantitative papers with empirical analysis only if the data used are clearly and precisely documented and are readily available to any researcher for purposes of replication.

Authors of accepted papers that contain quantitative empirical work, simulations, or experimental work must provide, prior to publication, the data, programs, and other details of the computations sufficient to permit replication. These will be posted on the website of RoSE. The Editors should be notified at the time of submission if the data used in a paper are proprietary or if, for some other reason, the requirements above cannot be met.