PRESENT: Robert Garner, Robert McMaster, Giuseppe Fontana, Steven Pressman, Janice Peterson, George DeMartino, Zoe Sherman, Sanjukta Chaudhuri, Ellen Mutari, Quentin Wodon (only second half); Wolfram Elsner (second half only)

  1. Meeting called to order by President Fontana at 9:10 am.

  2. Minutes: December 2015 minutes approved.

  3. Membership: Latest membership figures presented by Chaudhuri

  4. Revenue and Expenditure: Presented by Chaudhuri
    Action: Chaudhuri to send membership by year in order to facilitate better understanding of trends and to facilitate possible membership drive.

  5. Wells Fargo account signatory – Action: Only Executive Secretary and Treasurer to remain on accounts; all else to be removed.

  6. Bruce Collier line of credit: Action: Chaudhuri to take advice from Treasurer and President.

  7. Insurance: Two types of insurance to consider: (a) insurance for conferences and event and (b) Directors and Liabilities insurance. Chaudhuri to seek out local insurance bids in Eau Claire.

  8. Bilbao summer school: 22 students attended and were instructed by 5 summer school teachers.

  9. Nominating committee report: Mutari and White present four candidates.

    Pressman – Suggestion on reversing the order of procedure. Currently, nominees are first invited to be on the ballot and after that their names are brought to the Board for approval. This might lead to awkwardness if at any point of time the Board turns down a nominee who has already been told that they are being invited to run for office.

    Motion – In future, nominating committee to tell prospective nominees that they are being “considered” as nominees and there are others as well who are being simultaneously considered. Once names of nominees are approved by board, the nominating committee goes back to the nominees and tell them they have been approved and hence can now officially run for office.

    Motion carried unanimously.

    Motion: 2016 Thomas Divine award – Bob Dimand proposed by nominating committee as 2016 winner (motion carried).

  10. William Waters: All going well and website updates being handled (DeMartino)
    Possibility of two winners @ $5,000 discussed. Also noted no more than two winners in a year.

  11. Interim Treasurer Pressman:
    Return on ASE assets is too low. ASE should ideally get 1-2% returns annually.
    Action required: Need a Finance Committee by end of 2016.

  12. Treasurer search: Board members requested to refer suitable candidates.

  13. Program Secretary: we should draft a call for applications for Program Secretary and put out through the usual outlets. Referrals requested from all.

  14. Future World Congress: Mutari suggests hosting 2018 Summer School in Jersey shore.
    Pressman: We need a concrete plan for summer school.

  15. ASSA sessions: Social and behavioral foundation of development: How to marry theory with practice (Wodon)
    ASSA sessions: seven sessions being organized. Wodon mentions all the seven titles (Wodon)
    Action: Wodon to distribute preliminary program soon; Wodon to send newsletter and ASSA program soon (Wodon)

    Benefits of joint sessions discussed.
    Procedures, charges, and credit of hosting joint sessions discussed.
    Attendance issues discussed.
    Question: does attendance in joint sessions get split between associations?

  16. President Fontana announces ROSE Editor Search and screen committee.
    Requests board members to bring to his attention any great candidates.
    Timeline for recruitment – by September 2016.
    Decision about Forum team – to continue until 2017 since ROSE is the top priority.
    Discussion on direction for search and screen for ROSE ensures.
    Desirable qualifications and position description of new editor discussed.

  17. Forum editor Elsner’s issues:
    First issue: Forum space issue – 96 pages not enough. If feasible, increase number of pages and number of issues.
    Second issue: increase editor’s advance for transatlantic travel.
    Action: editor Elsner should present proposal in next meeting

  18. Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Planning on Organizational Structure
    Send out draft proposal changes in by-laws via e-mail. Take feedback, incorporate, followed by drafting of changes in by-laws by SC. Vote to be taken in December 2016.
    Membership committee discussion: President-elect should be ex-officio member.
    Membership committee discussion: One international representative should be on the committee in order to reach people in foreign countries.

  19. Summer school budget
    No changes in budget since what was approved in December 2015
    Too early to present final budget


Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by:
Sanjukta Chaudhuri
Executive Secretary