Minutes of the General Membership Meeting
Association for Social Economics

January 3, 2010
Atlanta, GA

The general membership meeting began at 4:50 p.m. in the Atlanta Hilton, Room 408, with President Morris Altman presiding.

Secretary’s Report

Secretary Elba Brown-Collier reported that the following persons were elected in 2009 to serve on the Executive Council for 2010:

President ............................. Jane Clary, 2010
President-Elect ..................... Zohreh Emami, 2010
Vice-President ...................... Martha Starr, 2010
Trustee ............................... Daniel Finn, 2010-2014
Trustee ............................... Mark Gerard Hayes, 2010-2014

Secretary Collier advised that the membership numbers as of December 31, 2009, including life-time members is now 168. She advised that with the approval from Taylor and Francis, ASE will now be collecting all membership dues.  We will forward $24 to Taylor and Francis for each member in good standing for the year 2010.  A membership committee composed of Jane Clary, Tonia Warnecke, Fred Jennings and Douglas Ware worked very hard during the summer to create a list of people who attended our breakfast at the ASSA and members who have not renewed for up to a two year period.  Letters were mailed and an email sent for those for whom we were able to get email addresses asking them to become members using the new online membership dues payment procedure on the ASE web site.  When ASE began accepting membership dues there were 140 members including the lifetime members.

ASE/ASSA Liaison Report

Jane Clary reported that the meetings next year are to be held in Denver, January 7-9th with the plenary session to be Thursday, January 6th.  She advised that lodging will be tight and that we should make our reservations early.

Jane then advised that AEA has decided they do not have to share revenues with the other 5 organizations.  They have proposed offering a set amount of $3200 for five years.  Their argument is that ASSA does not exist.  There was much discussion about what ASE’s response should be to this development.  Jane said she would work with other associations such as AFA, Econometrics, etc.  President Morris Altman established an ad hoc committee with Jane as the chair and members John Davis, Martha Starr, Robert Ashford , Fred Jennings and Barbara Hopkins to develop a course of action for ASE.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Bruce Collier presented his report.  The following is a summary of the report which covers the period from 12/31/08 through 12/31/09Receipts and Disbursements:    
     Cash and Investments 12/31/08                                                      $ 199,584.51         
     Adjustment to Prior Year’s Expenses                                                       2,000.00
        Receipts    -                                                 $  50,252.47
        Disbursements (excluding Congress -                41,677.30
     Increase in Cash                                                                                   8,575.17

        Cash and Investments 12/31/09                                                   $ 210,159.68

Details are provided upon request.

Bruce Collier presented a budget for the fiscal year 2010.  The budgeted receipts were $49,250 and the budgeted disbursements were $46,100 of a net increase in cash of $3,150.   Again details are available upon request.

The motion was made and seconded that the treasurer’s report be accepted.  The motion carried.

RSE Editor’s Report

Wilfred Dolfsma reported on behalf of the Editorial Team for the Review of Social Economy.  He provided a three page report reviewing the developments in 2009.  A summary of some of the important features of this report are provided here.  You may contact Elba Brown-Collier for a copy of the complete report.

Manuscript Central continues to work well .  Overall the system has reduced the duration of the review process which is now 19 days to the first decision for new submissions.

The book review section has been further developed by Deb Figart and is an enhanced asset for the journal.

The 2009 issues of the Review included a symposium on Theodore Burczak’s Socialism After Hayek.  There were no special issues.  A detailed analysis of citations indicates that the journal’s contribution would be further enhanced by a strategy that emphasized high quality special issues on topical papers rather than symposia.

The editors recommended a change in the “Aims and Scope” of the journal to more specifically relate RoSE to social theory and policy.  This would allow the Review to make a better claim for the JEL codes for social economics, especially A13 (Relation of Economics to Social Values) and D630 (Equity, Justice, Inequality, and Other Normative Criteria and Measurement).

In 2009 there were 117 submissions, 46 of which were from authors outside the United States.  The acceptance rate was approximately 10.3%.

The Helen Potter award recipient was announced.  The 2009 recipient is Huascar F. Pessali at the University of Parana, Brazil, for his article “Metaphors of Transaction Cost Economics” which appeared in the September 2009 issue of the Review.

FORUM Editor’s Report

FORUM Editor John Marangos advised that he received 46 submissions.  This is an increase from 2008.  The number of papers accepted was 25.  The ASSA papers of 2009 will be published in the first 2010 issue.  There will be a special issue in 2010 edited by Phil O’Hara on the contributions of Stanfield.  A special issue of International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy edited by Demitri Milonakis is planned for 2011.

John reported that there had been a drop in the institutional print subscriptions.  This is explained by the increasing importance of online journals.  According to a 2008 report from Springer, there were 3389 institutions which had access to the Forum through some 104 “online deals” with Springer.  There is no payment to ASE for these “online deals”.  John suggested that we should consider this in our future contract negotiations with Springer.

Regional Directors’ Reports

East Regional Director Mark White reported that he had organized four session at the Eastern Economic Association meetings.

Midwest Regional Director Bruce Pietrykowski was not present and no report was provided.

Southwest Regional Director – Elba Brown-Collier reported that Joan Osborne passed away in October, 2009.  She will be missed.

West Regional Director John Henry reported that he had put out a call for papers for the WEA meetings but had had no submissions.

International Region Director Roger Sudgen provided no report.

International Region Director Helena Lopes reported that she had organized three session at a conference in November.

2009 Awards Committee Report

John Davis announced that the recipient of the Thomas Divine Award for 2009 was John P. Tiemstra and that the recipient of the Ludwig Mai Service Award was Bruce E. Collier.

William R. Waters Research Grant Program

Zohreh Emami reported that there were 2 application s for the Waters Grant.  However, neither application was recommended by the committee.  Zohreh suggested that requiring a letter of recommendation from an ASE member might be too difficult and recommended that we drop that requirement.

Remarks of Outgoing President

President Morris Altman thanked Elba Brown-Collier and Jane Clary for their work for ASE.  He especially thanked Jane for an outstanding opening session.  He remarked that it was very important that we continue to grow the base at international conferences.  He also suggested that we consider some sort of summer school for social economics.  He then turned the meeting over to the incoming president, Jane Clary.

Remarks of Incoming President

Incoming President Clary stated that it was an honor to be chosen to serve as President of ASE.  She reminded everyone that AEA is still counting and encouraged all to be sure to attend the 2nd plenary session the following day.  Jane advised that she would be working on several things during the year including our membership, the relationship with AEA and the contracts with Taylor and Francis and with Springer.

Program for January 2011 Meetings in Denver

President-Elect Zohreh Emami provided a Call for Papers for the January 2011 meetings.  The theme is “Status of Economics after the Crisis”.  The Call for Papers included the notice that individuals whose papers are accepted for presentation would be required to join the Association no later than July 1, 2010.  The announcement of the Warren Samuels Prize for the best paper presented was also included in the Call for Papers.  The notice that papers presented at the ASSA meetings can be considered for a special issue of the Forum was also included in the Call for Papers with the deadline for submission on January 31, 2011.

Committee Assignments for 2010

2010 Executive Council Nominations assigned to John Davis. 2010 Awards Nomination Assigned to Morris Altman.

Old Business

Morris Altman reported that the World Congress would be held from June 28 – July 1 in Montreal.  He provided a brochure announcing the meetings and asking for submissions.  Morris made a motion that ASE consider awarded a student prize for the best paper presented at the Congress.  A friendly amendment was made to award two prizes not to exceed a total of $1,000.  The motion was seconded and passed.

Elba Brown-Collier presented the proposal from the Web Administrator – Nathaniel Brown – to continue in that capacity for 2010.  The charge of $120 per month is an increase from the previous year due to increased programming requirements to incorporate the online membership dues collection system.  The web host services increased to $15 per month as the web page was moved to a new host with better capabilities to handle the online registration. The total charge is $1,620.  It was moved and seconded that the proposal from Nathaniel Brown be accepted.  The motion carried.

New Business

Jane Clary advised that we needed to begin working on the new contracts with Taylor and Francis and with Springer.  The Springer contract is due to end in 2011 but we need to provide one year’s notice that we wish to renegotiate the terms.  Taylor and Francis have expressed interest in a contract for both the Review and the Forum.  The ad hoc committee to review the Springer contract was established with members John Tiemstra, Dan Finn and John Marangos.

Elba Brown-Collier expressed appreciation to Morris Altman for his service as President for 2009.  The group concurred.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:35 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Elba K. Brown-Collier Executive Secretary

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