JANUARY 3, 2014
Philadelphia, PA


The general membership meeting began at 4:45 p.m. in the Loews Philadelphia Hotel, Congress A, with President Jonathan Wight presiding.| 

Secretary’s Report:

Secretary Elba Brown-Collier reported that the following persons were elected in 2013 to serve on the Executive Council for 2014:

 President……. ...............      Mark White, 2014  
 President-Elect………………      Ellen Mutari, 2014  
 Vice- President……………....    Giuseppe Fontana, 2014  
 Trustees .....................      George DeMartino, 2014-2018 and Robert Garnett, 2014-2018

 Eastern Regional Director….          Michael J. Murray, 2014-2016  
 Western Regional Director ..         Frederic Lee, 2014-2016  
 International Regional Director     Helena Lopes, 2014-2016  
 International Regional Director     Aurelie Charles, 2014-2016

Secretary Collier announced that the following were appointed by the Executive Council in their December meeting:

             Robert LaJuenesse, Program Secretary, 2014-2016              
             Elba K. Brown-Collier, Executive Secretary, 2014-2016              
             Bruce E. Collier, Treasurer, 2014-2016

            She expressed thanks to Jane Clary for her many years of service as program secretary. The 2014 list of the members of the Executive Council was provided to the group.

Secretary Collier expressed thanks to William Dugger and Mary Wren for their service as trustees from 2009 through 2013, and to John Henry and Mark White for their service as regional directors. 

The minutes from the January, 2013, General Membership meeting were provided to the members. The motion was made and seconded that the minutes be approved.  The motion carried.  

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Bruce Collier presented his report.  He provided a Statement of Net Position as of December 1, 2013, and the detailed Receipts and Disbursements report. The following is a summary of the report which covers the period from 12/1/2012 through 11/30/2013.   

Receipts and Disbursements:

        Cash and Investments 12/1/12                                                    $ 259,039.02

        Outstanding Checks cleared in Jan, 2013 for 2012 expenses                   (100.00)

        Member Dues paid in 2013 for Future Years                                         1,180.00

        Outstanding Check for the 2013 Divine Award                                      1,000.00


                        Receipts                                  -     $   76,989.74

                        Disbursements                         -          60,893.76

                                      Increase in Cash                                             $    16,095.98


                        Cash and Investments 11/30/2013                                 $   277,215.00


Details are provided upon request.                       

Bruce Collier presented the report from 2012 for comparison purposes.  He also presented a budget for the fiscal year 2014.    The 2013 budgeted receipts were $78,900 and the budgeted disbursements were $55,270.00 for a net increase in cash of $23,630.00.   Again details are available upon request.

The motion was made and seconded that the treasurer’s report be accepted.  The motion carried.

RSE Editor’s Report:

Wilfred Dolfsma reported for the Review of Social Economy.  He provided a seven page report reviewing the developments in 2013.  A summary of some of the important features of this report are provided here.  You may contact Elba Brown-Collier for a copy of the complete report.

In 2013 there were 115 submissions, 69% of which were from authors outside the United States.  The acceptance rate was approximately 10%.
The Helen Potter award recipient was announced.  The 2014 recipient is Ayman Reda of the Lebanese American University, Beirut, for his paper “Islam and Markets” published in the March 2013 issue of the Review of Social Economy.
Wilfred reported that Manuscript Central continues to work well with a review duration of about 28 days on average.  There have been some changes in the editorial board with the addition of several notable scholars including Ricardo Crespo, George DeMartino, David Dequench, Sheila Dow, Peter Earl, Jamie Galbraith, Jayati Ghosh, Matthias Klaes, Deirdre McCloskey, Thad Metz, Hillary Putnam, Mozaffar Qizilbash, Ayman Reda, Joan Tronto and Kari  Waerness. 

Wilfred reported that the number of citations were up in 2013 and it looks as if we can apply to re-enter the ISI Listing.

Wilfred shared with the group his idea of using some of the ASE resources to sponsor various workshops related to a planned special issues.  He suggested that ASE provide a key note speaker who would help to draw participants to the workshop.  Papers would be presented at the workshop and some of these would be selected to publish in the special issue.  No vote was taken on this idea but the consensus of the group was that it sounded like a good idea.


FORUM Editor’s Report:

Jonathan Wight reported for FORUM Editor Wolfram Elsner from the report he supplied to the Executive Council in December.  He reported that the backlog inherited from Springer had been fully published with the help of an extra issue in 2013. At the moment the lag is 10-12 months.  There were a total of 57 submissions in 2012-2013 with a rejection rate of about 65%.  A copy of Wolfram’s report can be provided upon request.  

Regional Directors’ Reports:

The regional directors’ reports were provided to the Executive Council in December.  Their reports are inserted here although they were not presented at the General Membership meeting.

East – Mark White

Mark White reported that he had only one session at the Eastern Economic Association Meetings.  The change in the time scheduled for the meetings hurt participation.  He advised that Michael Murray had agreed to take over the Eastern Regional Director’s position.

Midwest – Bruce Pietrykowski

This year a call for papers was issued for the 2014 Midwest Economics Association Conference.  There was a strong response.  ASE will be sponsoring 2 panels at the MEA conference in Evanston, IL.  Social Economics in Research, Teaching and the Profession, chaired by Bruce Pietrykowski, and Contemporary Social Economics Research chaired by James Cicarelli, Roosevelt University.

West - John Henry

This year, ASE established a provisional association with Western Social Science Association. It was determined that, following two or three years in the “provisional” category, a decision would then be made as to the suitability of ASE for regular membership in WSSA. It was the hope of the western region director, that ASE would attract enough attention to field 2-3 panels the first year. These were to be housed in the “General Economics” section of WSSA; if the experiment proved successful, ASE would eventually have its own designation within which panels would then be organized. Unfortunately, only one paper was submitted. In contact with the organizer of the General Economics section (Scott Carson), and the organizer of the Association for Institutional Thought section (John Watkins), I moved this presenter into AFIT’s program as that was clearly a better fit.

Further, I shall be resigning my position at the end of this year; Fred Lee (UMKC) has agreed to replace me. I shall appraise him as to the negotiations with WSSA for possible future developments.

Southwest – Aparna Mitra

This year, ASE organized one session at the Missouri Valley Economic Association in October, 2013.  The session was titled "Welfare and the State."  Additionally, ASE organized two sessions at the Southern Economic Association in Tampa, FL in November, 2013.  The two sessions were "Social Opportunities and human development," and "Ethnicity, Gender, and Economic Development."

International – Helena Lopes

My main activity in 2013 consisted in organizing parallel sessions at the EAEPE Conference for the Research Action Line (RAL M) “Social Economics” that I have been coordinating with Wilfred Dolfsma. The 2013 EAEPE Conference was held from November 7th – 9th in Paris around the general theme “Beyond deindustrialization: The future of industries?” 

Seven papers were submitted to “Social Economics” research line, all of which were accepted for presentation. Two sessions were initially scheduled but two presenters did not register and only one session actually took place in which five papers were presented. About 20 people attended the session. As the papers addressed very similar topics – trust and ethical issues – and were of very good quality, the discussion was particularly stimulating and lively.

William R. Waters Research Grant Program:

Ellen Mutari announced that the committee received 7 applications for the William Waters Grant, entirely from the US.  The grant was not as well publicized as last year.  After careful reading of the applications, the committee settled on one scholar that they agreed is most deserving of funding from the ASE.  The Executive Council approved this recommendation in the December Conference Call.

The 2014 recipient is Josie I. Chen, Ph.D. candidate in Economics, Brown University, for her study of “Understanding the Incentives for Microfinance Lending”

  2013 Awards Committee Report:

Jonathan Wight announced that the recipient of the Thomas Divine Award for 2013 is Julie A. Nelson of the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

 The 2013 recipient of the Ludwig Mai Service Award is Bruce Pietrykowski of the University of Michigan – Dearborn.

Reflections on Marianne A. Ferber and Social Economics

Julie Nelson presented a short talk honoring last year’s Thomas Divine Award recipient – Marianne A. Ferber who passed away in 2013.  She described Professor Ferber as a wonderful person and mentor.  She related several details about Marianne’s life including her “reason” for majoring in economics.  A refugee from Czechoslovakia, Marianne missed much of her high school education.  When Marianne went to college, she selected economics as a major because that subject was not offered in high school and she felt she would not be behind the American students.  Julie reported that when Marianne’s parents asked her what economics was about, she replied “I will tell you when I find out.”  Julie co-edited Feminist Economics Today:  Beyond Economic Man with Professor Ferber in 1993.  She closed by saying again the Professor Ferber was a wonderful person and she wished we all could have known her.

Elba Brown-Collier proposed that the $1,000 award for the Thomas Divine Award which was supposed to go to Marianne Ferber be donated in her name to a scholarship at the University of Illinois.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Old Business:

Deb Figart announced that she had enjoyed her 9 years as a co-editor of the Review.  She thanked Wilfred Dolfsma and Robert McMaster and the Association.  The group expressed thanks to Deb for her service.

Quent Wodon brought up the discussion on how we can increase our membership.  There were several suggestions including the publishing of a new flyer to attract attention to the Association, starting a “breakfast with a junior”, and subsidizing workshops as per Wilfred’s suggestion.  It was suggested that we survey our members and get input as to what they would like to see the Association do.  There was no motion made and no vote taken.

Remarks of Outgoing President:

Jonathan Wight said he felt he had “big shoes to fill” following as president some of the people in the room.  He remarked “ASE has been a big part of my life.”  He related that before becoming involved with ASE, he used to hate attending the ASSA meetings.  He expressed a sense of gratitude to ASE.  He also thanked several people – Bruce and Elba Collier, Nathaniel Brown (the web administrator), and a special thanks to Jane Clary and to Bob LaJeunesse. 

 2013 was a very full year. 

    1.      There was the new contract with the RoSE

    2.      The Conflict of Interest and Transparency Proposal – This was a proposal made to the Executive Council by Jonathan asking that our journals follow a policy similar to that of the AEA.  There was much discussion by the Council and in the end the Council did not adopt the proposal bur elected to leave this up to the journal editors.  Jonathan expressed disappointment with that outcome.

   3.      The World Congress - Jonathan reported that due to difficulties working with the new administration at Monmouth University, the World Congress for 2014 was postponed.  He had solicited proposals for organizers for both the 2014 and 2016 years.  There have been some proposals for 2015 including Brock University, Niagara Falls Hilton, Monmouth University and the University of Richmond. 

   4.      The ASE Newsletter was started by Quentin Wodon.  Jonathan thanked him for his work. 

Jonathan then turned the meeting over to the incoming president Mark White.


Remarks of Incoming President:

Incoming President Mark White stated that he felt strongly that ASE needed to expand our electronic presence.  He asked the members to contribute regularly to the ASE blog so that we could present the social economic view on current issues and become a part of the electronic discussion.  Currently most of the blog output relates to announcements, call for papers, table of contents for the journals, etc.  He asked for contributors. 

Program for January 2015 Meetings in Boston:

Ellen Mutari thanked Jonathan Wight for his service and the group applauded.  She then presented the Call for Papers for the 2015 meetings.  The theme is “Commodities, Commodification and Alternatives to Exchange”.  She advised that the keynote speaker would be Guy Standing, Professor of Development Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.  The Call for Papers included the notice that individuals whose papers are accepted for presentation would be required to join the Association no later than July 1, 2014.  The announcement of the Warren Samuels Prize for the best paper presented was also included in the Call for Papers.  The notice that papers presented at the ASSA meetings can be considered for a special issue of the Forum was also included in the Call for Papers.

Mark White and Jonathan Wight advised Ellen that the papers should be submitted on the web and that she should work with Nathaniel.

Committee Assignments for 2014:

             2014 Executive Council Nominations assigned to Martha Starr.              
             2014 Awards Nomination Assigned to Jonathan Wight.


New Business:

Elba Brown-Collier proposed a resolution thanking Jonathan Wight for his service as President of ASE.  There was a second and the resolution passed unanimously.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,  

Elba K. Brown-Collier
Executive Secretary