JANUARY 4, 2013
San Diego, CA

The general membership meeting began at 4:50 p.m. in the Marriott Marquis and Marina, Rancho Santa Fe 1, with President Martha Starr presiding.

Secretary’s Report:

Secretary Elba Brown-Collier reported that the following persons were elected in 2012 to serve on the Executive Council for 2013:
      President……. ................     Jonathan Wight, 2013
      President-Elect………………      Mark White, 2013
      Vice-President……………...      Ellen Mutari, 2013
      Trustees .....................      Steve Pressman, 2013-2017
                                               Tonia Warnecke, 2013-2017

The 2013 list of the members of the Executive Council was provided to the group.

Secretary Collier advised that the membership as of December 1, 2012, including life-time members was 238. She noted that this is the first time since we began collecting our own membership (2009) that we have had over 200 members.  The breakdown of the membership by category was:

            Lifetime Members            12
            Student Members            40
            Reduced Fee Members     25
            Regular 1 year                98
            Regular 3 year                63

The minutes from the January, 2012, General Membership were provided to the members.  Later in the meeting (giving members time to look over the submitted minutes) the motion was made and seconded that the minutes be approved.  The motion carried.

ASE/ASSA Liaison Report:

Jane Clary reported that the meetings next year are to be held in Philadelphia and the meetings in 2015 will be held in Boston.  She noted that the meetings in Boston would be held Saturday through Monday rather than the usual Friday through Sunday.  The meetings in 2016 are scheduled in San Francisco.

Jane advised that the session counts over the past four years – 2009 – 2012, were reported.  ASE had a total of 32 sessions with a mean attendance of 53 and a median attendance of 24.  We had 6 sessions with less than 10 attendees and 13 sessions with less than 15.  In the Chicago, 2012, meetings we had a total of 8 sessions with a mean attendance of 61 and a median attendance of 13.  We had 2 session with less than 10 attendees and 5 with less than 15.  There were less than 5 people in the 10:15 a.m., January 6th session.  Jane asked all of the members to try to attend as many ASE sessions as possible.

Jane reported that ASE is listed as one of the founding associations for ASSA and that ASSA will be the permanent name of the annual meetings.

Jane then advised the group that her current term as Program Secretary would be her last.  She noted that she has served in this capacity for 15 years and that was enough.  Since her current term ends in December, 2013, Jane announced that the Executive Council had agreed that her successor would be Robert LaJeunesse.  Robert will work with Jane during 2013 to set up the meetings for January 2014.  This should allow for a smooth transition.  Jane remarked that she thought ASE was moving in the right direction and that during her terms as Program Secretary there had many good changes to include ASE taking over the World Congress (from 1997) and the introduction of the opening plenary session at the annual meetings with the associated reception. 

The group expressed their appreciation for Jane’s service.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Bruce Collier presented his report.  He provided a Statement of Net Position as of December 1, 2012, and the detailed Receipts and Disbursements report.  He announced that with the Council’s approval, he was changing the reporting period from January 1 to December 31, to December 1st through November 30th.  This is a more natural cut-off date since most of the activity in December relates to the January meetings of the following year.  The following is a summary of the report which covers the period from 12/31/2011 through 11/30/2012.  Note this is only 11 months.

Receipts and Disbursements:

        Cash and Investments 12/31/11                                                         $ 245,029.70
        Outstanding Checks cleared in Jan, 2012 for 2011 expenses                       (6,208.20)
        Member Dues Previously Paid Deferred for Future Years                               3,949.49  
                 Receipts                                                -    $  101,184.65
                 Disbursements (excluding Congress         -          87,071.62
        Increase in Cash                                                                                     14,113.03
        Cash and Investments 11/30/2012                                                     $  259,039.02


Details are provided upon request.     

Bruce also provided the financial details for the 14th World Congress and the associated Summer School in Social Economics held in Glasgow in June, 2014.  A summary of those reports is as follows:       

         14th World Congress:
                        Total Costs                                                    $ 22,596.46
                        Total Revenues                                                 24,370.00
                                    Net Gain on Conference                                             $   1,773.54


            2012 Summer School:
                        Total Costs                                                     $21,675.19
                        Net Revenue (One Student Deposit not returned)     100.00

Bruce Collier presented a budget for the fiscal year 2013 along with the actual and budgeted amounts for 2012.    The 2013 budgeted receipts were $72,700 and the budgeted disbursements were $55,516 for a net increase in cash of $17,184.   Again details are available upon request.

The motion was made and seconded that the treasurer’s report be accepted.  The motion carried. 

RSE Editor’s Report:

Wilfred Dolfsma reported on behalf of the Editorial Team for the Review of Social Economy.  He provided a seven page report reviewing the developments in 2012.  A summary of some of the important features of this report are provided here.  You may contact Elba Brown-Collier for a copy of the complete report.

In 2012 there were 122 submissions, 73% of which were from authors outside the United States.  The acceptance rate was approximately 13%.

The Helen Potter award recipient was announced.  The 2013 recipient is Pavlina Tcherneva from Bard College for her paper “Permanent On-the-Spot Job Creation — The Missing Keynes Plan for Full Employment and Economic Transformation” published in the March 2012 issue of the Review of Social Economy.

Wilfred reported that Manuscript Central continues to work well with a review duration or about 23 days on average.  There have been some changes in the editorial board with the addition of David Audretsch, Pranab Bardhan and Stephen Gudeman reflecting an increase in emphasis on interdisciplinary research. Six people have left the board – Lisa Giddings, Lonnie Golden, Ed O’Boyle, Phil O’Hara, Ron Stanfield, and Pat Welch. Wilfred extended thanks for their service to the journal.

Wilfred announced a change in how book reviews are handled by the Review.  Rather than publish reviews on individual books, the focus is now on groups of books united around a theme.  Individual book reviews are published on the ASE blog.

The principal goal for the current contract team remains re-entry into the ISI listing.  Wilfred reported that after meeting with the Taylor and Francis people, he was more encouraged about their commitment to meet this goal.

FORUM Editor’s Report:

FORUM Editor Wolfram Elsner advised that he received 48 submissions.  There continues to be a backlog inherited from Springer.  Of these submissions, 27 decisions have been made resulting in acceptance of only 4.  There are still 18 awaiting scores from first, second or third round reviews.  Volume 41 for 2012 was completed used up by papers accepted by the earlier team. 

There will be a special issue in 2013 – “Teaching Heterodox Economics” edited by Geoff Schneider and Dan Underwood.  The Executive Council has approved the extra charge for this additional issue.  Wolfram advised that the managing editor was grouping papers into thematic clusters.  For exampled, issue no. 2-3/2012 was a ‘welfare/policy’ issue.

Wolfram advised that the editorial board was large (60) and qualitatively impressive and includes a large number of top names.  However the board is not yet actively engaged.  He hopes to change this in the next few months.|

The five page report submitted by Wolfram discussed the representation of the Forum at various regional conferences and listed some projects and ideas for symposia and special issues.  He stated that the focus of the editorial team in the near future would be to increase the visibility of the Forum.

Wolfram’s entire report is available from Secretary Elba Brown-Collier on request.

Regional Directors’ Reports:

East Regional Director Mark White reported that he had organized four session at the Eastern Economic Association meetings for 2012 but was only able to organize 3 sessions for the 2013 meetings. 

Midwest Regional Director Bruce Pietrykowski submitted his report by email.  He reported that he had an insufficient response to the Call for papers for the 2013 meetings.  He was not able to organize a single session.  He attributed this to the location of the meetings.  Last year they were in Chicago and he organized two complete sessions.  This year the meetings were in Columbus, Ohio.

Southwest Regional Director – Mark White reported for Aparna Mitra.  She was able to organize only one session at the Southern Economic Association meetings and this was not well attended.

West Regional Director  - Elba Brown-Collier reported for John Henry.  Given his lack of success organizing panels at the IWEA meetings, John Henry contacted Larry Gould at the Western Social Science Association (WSSA).  He had asked Elba to follow up on this.  When Elba contacted Larry Gould, he was most receptive to the idea of ASE becoming a part of WSSA.  John Henry will meet with him at their meetings in Denver this April to discuss how to bring this about.

International Region Director Aurélie Charles provided no report.

International Region Director Helena Lopes reported by email that she had organized parallel sessions at the EAEPE Conference for the Research Action Line (RAL M) “Social Economics” coordinating with Wilfred Dolfsma. The 2012 EAEPE Conference was held from October 18th – 21st in Krakow, Poland. The general theme of the 2012 EAEPE Conference was “Economic policy in times of crisis”.  About 12 papers were submitted to “Social Economics” research line, of which 8 were accepted for presentation and one for poster session. 

2012 Awards Committee Report:

Zohreh announced that the recipient of the Thomas Divine Award for 2012 was Marianne A. Ferber and that the recipient of the Ludwig Mai Service Award was Wilfred Dolfsma. 

William R. Waters Research Grant Program:

Mark White reported that this year we received 17 applications for the William Waters Grant: 12 from the US, 3 from the UK, 1 from Ireland, and 1 from Kenya. After careful reading of the applications, the committee has settled on two scholars we feel are most deserving of funding from the ASE: 

Daniel MacDonald, PhD student at University of Massachusetts at Amherst, “Social Economics: Social Justice and Institutions in Historical Perspective.” The committee members regarded this proposal as conceptual, topically and methodologically interesting, and very important.

Diksha Arora, PhD student at the University of Utah , “Gendered Poverty in Rural Households in Mozambique.” The committee members regarded this proposal as well-planned and piloted with a proven record of scholarship and fantastic supporting letters. 

The Executive Council approved these selections in their December Conference Call.   Mark also reported that the Council approved the committee’s recommendation to give a one year membership to ALL applicants for the Waters Grant. 

Old Business:

14th World Congress -  Robert McMaster, Chair of the 14th World Congress Committee, thanked all of the members of his committee – Martha Starr, Jane Clary, Elba Brown-Collier, Mark Hayes, and Helena Lopez – and Bruce Collier for their help in organizing the World Congress.  There were 101 attendees,  He also thanked the University of Glasgow for sponsoring the Ben Fine Cairncross Public Lecture.  He recommended that we consider selecting papers from the World Congress to appear in a special issue in one of our journals.

ASE Summer School – Jonathan Wight thanked his summer school committee – Martha Starr, John Davis, Aurélie Charles, Wilfred Dolfsma, Jane Clary, Henning Schwardt, Zohreh Emami, and Bruce Collier for their hard work.  He reported that he had solicited anonymous evaluations from the participants and the results were very favorable.  The recommendation was made from the members that perhaps we should consider conduction a summer school each year rather than every other year in conjunction with the World Congress.

Remarks of Outgoing President:

President Martha Starr thanked her predecessors Jane Clary and Zohreh Emami for helping her.  She also thanked Bruce Collier and Elba Brown-Collier.  She gave a special thanks to Jonathan Wight for his work organizing the Summer School.  She remarked that she was thrilled that ASE was taking off and she was happy to have been a part of it.  She then turned the meeting over to the incoming president Jonathan Wight. 

Remarks of Incoming President:

Incoming President Jonathan Wight thanked Martha Starr for her hard work as President for 2013.  He invited all to come to the Presidential Breakfast where he promised to again express our thanks.

Program for January 2014 Meetings in Philadelphia:

President-Elect Mark White provided a Call for Papers for the January 2014 meetings.  The theme is “Exploring the Relationships between Law and Social Economics”.  The Call for Papers included the notice that individuals whose papers are accepted for presentation would be required to join the Association no later than July 1, 2013.  The announcement of the Warren Samuels Prize for the best paper presented was also included in the Call for Papers.  The notice that papers presented at the ASSA meetings can be considered for a special issue of the Forum was also included in the Call for Papers.

There was some discussion regarding the possibility of papers and/or sessions of other topics in social economics being included in the program.  Mark pointed out that the Call for Papers does state that proposals for papers on ALL aspects of social economics would be considered. 

Committee Assignments for 2013:

            2013 Executive Council Nominations assigned to Zohreh Emami.
            2013 Awards Nomination Assigned to Martha Starr.

New Business:

Jonathan Wight announced that he would be forming an ad hoc committee to study the governance structure of ASE and make recommendations.  He asked the group to send him suggestions for persons to select for this committee.  He also announced he would be forming a committee to plan the 15th World Congress for 2014 and a committee to work with the editorial team of the Review to negotiate the terms of their contract renewal which expires at the end of 2013.

Jonathan thanked the strategic planning committee which was appointed by Zohreh Emami in 2011.  This committee made several very good recommendations which were followed by the Executive Council.  These included the ASE Summer School and the adoption of the plan to have a World Congress every two years. 

President Wight said he would like to work on two ideas – (1) an in person meeting of the Executive Council during the summer, and (2) some strategies for sustaining membership.

He thanked the members for attending the General Membership meeting.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Elba K. Brown-Collier
Executive Secretary


For archived meeting minutes, Please contact ASE here. You are required to give your full name and the year you are requesting.