ASSA 2016

January 4, 2016
Start time: 4:45 p.m.
San Francisco, CA

  1. Program Secretary
    1. Boston median attendance: 21
    2. SFO is good; okay in terms of numbers; 3 sessions < 15, 1 session < 10, otherwise we are fine
    3. Total expected SFO attendance: 13,000
    4. We will keep the usual amount of slots
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Excellent current financial health ($275,000)
    2. This year’s budget: expenses exceed income, but well spent
      1. Revenue: $73,000
      2. Expenses: $78,000
      3. This includes $16,000 for Billao, but money well spent; bringing in new members
    3. QOW: question asked in regards to video recording; answer: Bob took care of it
      1. Bob L: audio quality is questionable; will be uploaded onto YouTube
      2. If we continue ourselves, we could invest in our own technology setup
    4. EM: In the future we will host in member only section of website
    5. QW: We should have 2 criteria for investment (like video); how will this contribute to growth?
    6. B: What is the demand for the specific investment?  Subject each inventory to specific metrics?
    7. EM: How to get budget passed:
      1. Assume zero inflation
      2. Release time for executive securities
      3. Slight deficit spending in order to get new members
      4. Question: Do you feel comfortable voting on a budget without viewing it, based on verbal description?
    8. Treasurer’s Motion: vote to spend $78,000 and generate revenue of $73,000
      1. None opposed
      2. No objections
  3. ROSE Editor (Bob McMaster)
    1. Wilfred’s term ends 2016
      1. Not continuing with organization
      2. He has been an incredible driving force encouraging organizational reforms and journals *applause*
    2. Potter Heize nominated Karen E Hauge
    3. Special Issue:
      1. September issue: delay in publication
      2. Table 2 marked decline in average days to decision (in 2014)
      3. Wilfred’s credit
      4. AAS working hard
      5. Table 1: most common Dec. is regular & resubmit
      6. Appendix 1
    4. Volume 74: special issues:
      1. White: How many rejects actually resubmit?  Answer (Wilfred): no specific answer, titles may change or they may submit an entirely different version, but overall, only about 50% resubmit; Tonia W: most people resubmit
      2. Wilfred, pp. 7
      3. McMaster, pp. 3: up to date editorial board, wealth of experience (Martha, Wilfred, Deb, Bob)
      4. How to reenter Thomson ISI:
        1. We met 2 of 3 interns of the education board
        2. Turnaround of our process
        3. We are very far away in terms of citation and index
    5. Do we need to do anything differently?  Why don’t citations come?  Answer (MCM): 2 years from (number of citations / number or papers published)
      1. Authors must cite themselves (3); citations are very low
      2. As a community, we must increase citations
      3. WE: Very few citations (l0 or fewer) make a big enough difference to impact factor
      4. MCM: Self citations don’t count for entering Thomson ISI, but do count once you are in
      5. Reenter suggestion: to identify journals in list and encourage them to cite ROSE
      6. Reenter suggestion: IAFFE gives lists of publications to all members; involve entire assembly to increase citations
      7. QW: One strategy is for some of us to cite ROSE to identify best articles and send to email list of scholars who are working on said topics
      8. There is a shift to strong emphasized papers; conceptual and narrow papers are less likely to be cited
  4. Forum Ed.
    1. We have to renegotiate for T&F contract; current contract will expire this year
    2. Issue: entering ISI with a unique profile:
      1. Applied section of economic policy
      2. Lack of interaction between association and forum
      3. We can contrast advisory into pub. committee
  5. Issues
    1. Editorial Board:
      1. Big names are unreliable in editorial board, so expand editorial board to include younger people who still have ideas and will respond quickly
      2. We have to activate editorial board
      3. Highlight of last year: we now have 4 issues per year; we are now a journal
      4. We remain at 25 submissions per year (not enough)
      5. Special issues are a big asset:
        1. We want 2-3 special issues per year
        2. T&F recommends continuing with special issues
      6. We must actively acquire individual submissions; more actively acquire individual papers
    2. 93 to 49 days, 30 days is the goal
    3. Backlog has increased due to special issues
    4. T&F does not mention special issues in email alert; this is a problem
    5. 2-3 special issues are currently in pipeline on methods and methodologies
    6. North American subscriptions decreased; European and Asian subscriptions increased
    7. Best paper was written my: Franklin *applause* he was unanimously voted the winner
    8. Increase visibility of Forum
    9. Quentin is next year’s ASSA
      1. Wants good papers
      2. Wants Keynote to be in different format
      3. Panel could be launched for special issues for journals and to association by highlighting this topic as a part of ASE (although more speakers will cost more money)
        1. MW: Panels are common; a keynote speaker may stand out more
        2. Representatives from organizations or the government are often less interesting; they are committed to their organizations and can be less attractive to younger economists
    10. Newsletter: QW has requested 1 page with Waters grant
    11. Website
      1. Currently inadequate; we need more resources and features on the website
      2. Attendance will continue to decrease until we update the website
  6. Regional Directors
    1. Amelie:
      1. Special speaker
      2. Wikipedia entry: greater inputs needed for Wikipedia (everyone can give input)
        1. List of journals
        2. List of presidents
    2. Mark White:
      1. Ludwig Mai
      2. Thomas Divine
  7. World Cong. Committee report
    1. Thanks to Bob D. for hosting WC & SS
    2. Thanks to Ella
    3. Thank presenters
    4. SS: We have had 25 junior faculty graduate students and have stayed in touch
    5. John Davies, John Wilfred, Irene are applauded
  8. New Business
    1. Guiselle to continue ad-hoc committee on strategic planning restructure.
    2. ______________________, Hopkins, _________________
    3. Issue:
      1. Make members participate more
      2. Being more inclusive
    4. Two extreme models:
      1. ASE: No committees
      2. IAFFE: Many committees
      3. In between model? Open to suggestions
        1. Committees are needed in order to get publications
        2. Membership committees for specific publications
        3. Committees require leader(s)
        4. We need to change bylaws in order to include a committee
        5. The president already has the power to create committees (this will take time)
        6. Perhaps a Finance Committee
        7. Suggestion: create committees as needed rather than forming many unnecessary committees.
        8. EM: Committees would then die as presidents change
  9. Outgoing Press
    1. Thanks to Makr, Giuselle, Jonathan
    2. Responsibilities: search for secretary and treasurer
    3. Transaction to slightly different roles of secretary and treasurer
    4. Next objective: to promote ASE
    5. Giuselle is renegotiating with T&F
    6. Thanks to Jan *applause*
  10. Incoming
    1. Emphasized teamwork
    2. Thanks to all for advice, suggestions, and guidance
    3. Emphasized increasing conversation to all groups of pluralists
    4. Create united front by forging with IAFFE and EE in order to strengthen; example: linking SS with Billao
    5. Emphasized more dialogue
    6. Formally assign Mark the executive council nomination
    7. EM awards nomination
    8. Renewal of publication agreement for Forum and ROSE (contract will be signed by 2016)
    9. Where do we want our journals in 10 years?
    10. We need to advance associates
    11. Thanks to contributors who helped create doc
  11. T&F Issues (would like input from everyone)
    1. Need to increase journal rankings
    2. Need to increase citations
    3. Need to focus on quality of papers
    4. Clarify relationship to ROSE and Forum
    5. Concerned over inconsistent partnership (presidents rotate)
    6. Rethink editorial boards
    7. Emphasized that it is not a top-down association; covers a lot of topics; evolves; and cannot have a fixed scope
    8. Definition of social economics is on the website
  12. Publications Committee
    1. Negotiate with T&F
    2. See future of journals
    3. See editorial board
    4. The president will chose whether to appoint committees; we move to support the president
    5. Work on proposal



Meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm