ASE 2019 ASSA Business Meeting Minutes

Jan 4, 2019 - Atlanta 


Present: J. Nelson, S. Pressman, R. Avsar, C. Ngo, P. Makdissi, P. Ramazzotti, A Christoforou, Leila Davis, Z. Sherman, Z. Todorova,G.  DeMartino, Q. Wodon, F. Khan, G. Fontana.      


Executive Director report by Avsar:

  • 228 members with account in good standing
  • The draft list of 2019 EC officers handed out
  • Election results
    • Julie Nelson – President
    • Steve Pressman – President-Elecct
    • Stephanie Seguino – Vice President
    • Leila Davis – Trustee (2019-2023)
    • Jesus Ferreiro – Trustee (2019-2023)


Treasurer’s report by Ngo (attached)

  • Budget deficit of around $40K (details in the report)
  • Executive Council has approved unanimously to authorize the President to spend up to $6,000 for revamping the ASE website this year.

RoSE Editors Report presented by DeMartino as the Editorial Team was not attending (see the file attached along with the T&F’s full report)

Forum Editors Report presented by Elsner (attached)

  • Elsner steps down as the Forum’s editor
  • Ramazzotti will fill in the rest of Elsner’s term (approved previously via online voting, attached here)
  • About the “backlog” issue:
    • Elsner: Note that in the case that all of the 28 countable citations of the Forumin 2017 had been counted indeed (because they were from papers assigned to particular issue), TandF had calculated the rank 228 for the Forum. This, however, is not realistic, as it would imply a backlog of 0.0 years, which is virtually impossible. aBy way of interpolation, we may, however, say that the Forum would be at a rank around 250, had it had an average backlog of one year. Consequently, this is a rank that the Forum should gain (at least) in the next two years through bringing the backlog down to normal.
    • T&F agreed to increase each issue’s size by about 30% which will reduce some of the backlog
    • T&F may be open to add another issue if it won’t affect the rejection rate
    • 4 + 1 formula suggested (4 regular issues + 1 special issued devoted to ASSA papers) by Wodon.
    • Elsner suggested: the editorial team might be more selective about which conference papers to accept for the special issue freeing up space for regular submissions.

Waters Grant Prize winner announced by Pressman

  • The 2019 recipient is Thereza Balliester Reisfor her project, “The Effects of Financial Inclusion on Poverty and Income Inequality.”

Wodon announced the winners of the Mai and Divine Awards: Fontana and Mutari, respectively.  

2018 World Congress and Summer School Report by Pressman:

  • 82 people participated in the World Congress
  • 31 participants attended the Summer School.

Summary of the conversation on the location of the next World Congress and Summer School

  • Avsar suggested that an ad hoc committee should be formed to discuss the potential venues. EC supported unanimously. Julie will populate the committee which will make recommendations to the EC in Spring meeting.
  • Fontana raised the possibility of a partnership with SASE

Finance Committee Report presented by Ngo (see the list of approved motions attached)

Ad hoc Ethics Committee report presented by DeMartino (the approved motion via online voting is attached here)

Publications Committee report presented by Pressman

  • Pressman led the effort to renegotiate the contract with T&F that will end by the end of 2019
    • COLA adjustments requested
    • Discontinuing the print subscription option suggested (as a cost saving measure)

New Business Discussion

Ngo suggested hiring a social media coordinator. 

Wodon suggested re-introducing the Newsletter on a quarterly or a bi-annual basis. Avsar expressed his willingness to assume the responsibility.

Avsar mentioned the efforts of the Membership/Outreach Committee in two fronts to increase the Association’s online profile:

  • Webinars in partnership with INET (online workshops for streaming)
  • Podcasts (formulated as interviews)

The meeting is adjourned.