JANUARY 6, 2012
Chicago, IL


The general membership meeting began at 4:50 p.m. in the Swissotel, St. Gallen 3, with President Zohreh Emami presiding.

Secretary’s Report:

The minutes from the January, 2011, General Membership Meeting were presented and approved.  A summary of Executive Council Actions taken during 2011 was also provided.

Election Results:

Secretary Elba Brown-Collier reported that the following persons were elected in 2011 to serve on the Executive Council for 2012:

President……. .....................     Martha Starr
2012 President-Elect............      Jonathan Wight
2012 Vice-President.............      Mark D. White
2012 Southwest Regional Director..      Aparna Mitra (2012-2014)
Midwest Regional Director .....             Bruce Pietrykowski (2012-2014)
Trustees ..............................    John B. Davis, 2012-2016
                                                Ellen Mutari, 2012-2016


PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION – Accepted by 95% of the members voting.  The amendments were as follows:

The following item is added to ARTICLE I:  Aims and Objectives.  This amendment is necessary to meet the requirements of the IRS so that the Association can be considered a 501(c) organization for tax purposes.

4.         The Association for Social Economics is formed to engage in scholarly research and in the dissemination of this knowledge to all interested parties.  The organization is a scientific and educational organization within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States of America.

ARTICLE X must be added to the Constitution again as required by the IRS.  We must have a statement that should the association disband, the assets will be distributed in a manner consistent with our aims and objectives.


In the event of the dissolution of the Association, all assets, after the payment of any debts, shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes, within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, as shall best meet the objectives of the Association as enumerated in Article I.  All temporarily and permanently restricted assets shall be transferred with the restrictions in place.  No members of the Association shall have any rights to nor shall receive any assets of the Association.

Throughout the Constitution we propose that we add to "by mail" the words "or by email" to reflect our ability to use electronic communications.

PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO THE BY-LAWS – Approved by 95% of the members voting.  The proposed amendment was as follows:

We propose the addition of the following ARTICLE IX:  Control of Assets.  We believe it is prudent to have more than one purpose in control of our bank accounts and CD's so that the assets will not be tied up if something happens to the Treasurer.

ARTICLE IX:  Control of Assets

The Treasurer of the Association is responsible for managing the accounting and financial affairs of the Association.  Both the Treasurer and the President shall be signatories on all accounts and assets of the Association so that the President can assume responsibility for these  in the event the Treasurer is unable to perform his/her duties and until a new Treasurer is appointed.

 Membership Report:

Secretary Collier advised that the membership numbers as of December 31, 2011, including life-time members is now 160. The breakdown of membership was:

Student Members – 12
Reduced Rate Members – 11
Lifetime Members – 12
Regular One Year Members – 66
Three Year Members - 69

This is a reduction from the 180 members in 2010.  The difference is probably a result of the increased membership from the 13th World Congress in Montreal.  An email message will be sent to all members whose renewal date has passed in January, 2012.

Renewal of Web Administrator Contract

The motion was made by Mark White to renew the contract with Nathaniel Brown to administer the web site.  The motion was seconded by Deb Figart.  The motion carried unanimously.

ASE/ASSA Liaison Report:

Jane Clary reported that there were no 12:30 sessions this year at Jane’s request. Instead we have an 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning session.  Session attendance for ASE has been fairly good compared to other associations.  ASE had 30 sessions over the past four years with a mean attendance of 41 and a median attendance of 18.  We had 8 sessions with fewer than 10 and 15 sessions with fewer than 15.  As a result of AEA’s counting attendance, the AFA will probably be given more sessions.  Jane asked all of us to attend the ASE sessions.

Jane advised that the ASSA name had not been discarded and that Siegfried had retired.  AEA accepted the recommendations reported last year.  As a result, ASE will give up some revenue.  Session allocation in the future may depend on our membership.  We might be asked to report how many members we have.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Bruce Collier presented his report.  He made four important points to observe in the reports:

  • The Review of Social Economy is the largest source of revenue for ASE.
  • Since the contract to publish the Forum for Social Economics has been taken over by Taylor and Francis, a significant cash outflow will probably turn into a cash inflow.
  • We are expanding our use of our financial resources to conduct activities designed to extend the intellectual reach of social economics, such as summer research grants, more frequent World Congresses, a summer school, internationalization, impressive plenary sessions, and more active editorial teams.
  • Investment income is still pitiful.

The following is a summary of the report which covers the period from 12/31/10 through 12/31/11

Receipts and Disbursements:

Cash and Investments 12/31/2010                             $ 239,149.37
Deferred Revenue in 2011                                                1,310.00
Checks cleared in 2011 for 2010 Expenses                      (10,220.07)               
Receipts                          $    57,156.12              
Disbursements                      42.365.72
Increase in Cash                                                            14,790.40

Cash and Investments       12/31/2011                       $  245,029.70

Details are provided upon request.

Bruce Collier presented a budget for the fiscal year 2012.  The budgeted receipts were $92,350 and the budgeted disbursements were $99,350.00 for a net decrease in cash of $6,700.   Please note that these budget numbers include the proposed receipts and disbursements for both the 14th World Congress and the associated ASE summer school. Again details are available upon request.

The motion was made and seconded that the treasurer’s report be accepted.  The motion carried.

RoSE Editor’s Report:

Wilfred Dolfsma reported on behalf of the Editorial Team for the Review of Social Economy.  He provided a seven page report reviewing the developments in 2011.  A summary of some of the important features of this report are provided here.  You may contact Elba Brown-Collier for a copy of the complete report.

In 2011 there were 113 submissions, 12% were accepted.  International submissions totaled 69.  This is up from previous years.  The backlog has decreased to 2-3 issues.

The editorial board has been enlarged with more international diversity.  Thompson ISI continues to be a major goal of the editorial team and ISI emphasizes international diversity.  In addition to increasing international diversity, the editor’s report listed two additional key issues which need to be addressed in preparing an application to re-enter ISI.  (1) – Clarifying and emphasizing RoSE’s unique identity in the following two JEL categories:

  • A13 – Relation of Economics to Social Values
  • D63 – Equity, Justice, Inequality, and Other Normative Criteria and Measurement

And (2) Lining up three consecutive issues likely to achieve high citation rates.

The editorial team has decided to shift relative focus to reviews of several books and has changed the instructions for authors to reflect this.

The Helen Potter award recipient was announced.  The 2012 recipient is Adel Daoud of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, for his article “The Modus Vivendi of Material Simplicity:  Counteracting Scarcity via the Deflation of Wants” which appeared in the September 2011 issue of the Review.

FORUM  Editor’s Report

Outgoing FORUM Editor John reported that in his term as editor (6 years) the FORUM  has experienced more web searches and downloads – now up to 1700 per month.  This reflects increased confidence in the journal. 

Deb Figart made to motion to recognize John for his work to bring the FORUM to the next level.  The motion was seconded and the vote was unanimous.

Incoming FORUM editor Wolfram Elsner reported that the journal had experienced good development in the past and has a huge potential.  He will have his first meeting with Taylor and Francis on January 7th.  He advised that the list of the new editorial board is available on the web along with the list of the new editorial team.  The new team has worked together for ½ year and there should be a smooth transition of papers.  He announced an upcoming special issue on teaching edited by Geoff Schneider and a symposium on Trust.  There is a new cover design.  Editor Elsner reported that the FORUM has always been a secret gem with a Thompson Reuter electronic search ranking of 178 amount 320 journals.  There was discussion among the members regarding the possibility of offering membership to the members of the editorial board.  A motion was made and subsequently tabled.  No action was taken.

Regional Directors’ Reports:

  • East Regional Director Mark White reported that he had organized four sessions at the Eastern Economic Association meetings.  
  • Midwest Regional Director Bruce Pietrykowski reported that he had organized two sessions at the MEA meetings in Evanston, IL.
  • Southwest Regional Director Aparna Mitra organized two sessions at the Southern Economic Association Meetings.
  • West Regional Director John Henry reported that he was trying to organize one session at the IWEA. 
  • International Region Director Aurelie Charles provided no report.
  • International Region Director Helena Lopes reported that she and Wilfred Dolfsma had requested that the action line RAL M (Research Action Line M) at the EAEPE (European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy) be changed to be Social Economics.  This proposal was accepted by EAEPE.  At the 2011 EAEPE Conference in Vienna, there was one session of the Social Economics RAL with four presentations.

2011 Awards Committee Report:

Jane Clary announced that the recipient of the Thomas Divine Award for 2011 was Edward Kane and that the recipient of the Ludwig Mai Service Award was Daniel Finn.

William R. Waters Research Grant Program:

Jonathan Wight reported that there were 25 applications for the Waters Grant.  The Executive Council approved the two 2013 recipients of the Waters Grant – Charlampos Konstantinidis, University of Massachusetts – Amherst and Abilasha Srivastava, American University.

There was discussion among the group about ways to increase submissions from persons from international schools.  No motion was made and no action was taken.

ASE Listserv:

John Davis announced the establishment of the ASE Listserv which he will administer.  Contact him at john.davis@marquette.edu to submit your items and/or join the Listserv.

ASE Blog:

Mark White announced the establishment of the ASE Blog which he will administer.  To get to the blog, just click on the blog icon at the top of the ASE web page or go to http://socialeconomicsblog.typepad.com/.  

Remarks of Outgoing President:

President Zohreh Emami thanked the Strategic Planning Committee – the ad hoc committee formed to develop strategies for sustaining members and recruiting new members.  The committee was composed of 10 members – Jane Clary, Bruce Collier, Aurelie Charles, Wolfram Elsner, John Davis, Tonia Warnecke, Mark White, Ellen Mutari, Martha Starr, and Zohreh.  She also thanked the members of the World Congress Committee, chaired by Robert McMaster with members Jane Clary, Elba Brown-Collier, Helena Lopez, Mark Hayes and Martha Starr for working to set up the 14th World Congress in Glasgow.  The Summer School Committee chaired by Jonathan Wight with members John Davis, Jane Clary, Bruce Collier, Martha Starr, Wilfred Dolfsma, and Aurelie Charles.

Zohreh remarked that when preparing her remarks, she started by thinking of the identity of the Association.  One of the things that came out of that process was the question of what draws people to the Association.  It is something ASE has done for years.  People come because of the culture of collegiality, openness and support.  In addressing the strategy for sustaining members and recruiting new members, this should be remembered.  Several studies have shown that young scholars come to economics because they want to do good.  They are looking for affiliations that have these intrinsic values.  President Emami thanked everyone for working so hard and helping her and allowing her to be president. 

President Emami then turned the meeting over to the incoming President, Martha Starr.

Remarks of Incoming President:

President Martha Starr thanked Zohreh Emami for her excellent work as President for 2011.  She stated that the Association had much more cohesiveness because of the work Zohreh did.  The initiatives begun by Zohreh will be continued – the strategic planning committee, the summer school, and the World Congress.  President Starr advised that she wanted to institutionalize procedures in the By-Laws.

President Starr advised that the 2012 programs in Chicago had been a success.

Program for January 2013 Meetings in San Diego

President-Elect Jonathan Wight provided a Call for Papers for the January 2013 meetings.  The theme is “The Evolving Social Nature of Exchange”.  The Call for Papers included the notice that individuals whose papers are accepted for presentation would be required to join the Association no later than July 1, 2012.  The announcement of the Warren Samuels Prize for the best paper presented was also included in the Call for Papers.  The notice that papers presented at the ASSA meetings can be considered for a special issue of the Forum was also included in the Call for Papers.

Committee Assignments for 2012:

         2012 Executive Council Nominations assigned to Jane Clary.        
         2012 Awards Nomination Assigned to Zohreh Emami.

New Business:

14th World Congress of Social Economics – Robert McMaster reported that the arrangements for the World Congress to be held at the University of Glasgow were well underway.  There would be two keynote speakers – one of which would be provided by the University of Glasgow, Cairncross Foundation.  Ben Fine, University of London will present the Cairncross Public Lecture.  Tony Atkinson, University of Oxford, will be the speaker at the opening plenary session.

Summer School at the World Congress – Jonathan Wight reported that the Executive Council had voted to provide a maximum of $25,000 for the summer school.  The plan is to have four sessions.  The summer school would be held the day before the beginning of the World Congress.  Martha asked everyone to inform promising graduate students about the summer school.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Elba K. Brown-Collier Executive Secretary


For archived meeting minutes, Please contact ASE here. You are required to give your full name and the year you are requesting.