FALL 2015 Issue



ASE Research Grants
1) Apply by November 19


2) Keynote
3) ASE Sessions
4) Other Events


Recent Events
5) 15th World Congress a Success
6) Summer School

Upcoming Conferences
7) Western Social Science Association Conference
8) Eastern Economic Association Meetings

Other News
9) Forum To Be Published Four Times a Year



1)      Apply by November 19

The deadline to apply for the William R. Waters Research Grant has been shifted to November 19, 2015. The grant was established in 1999. The research grant is for promising new faculty members who have not yet been granted tenure and for graduate students in PhD programs who have not yet completed their dissertation. The current amount of the annual grant is up to $5000. In some years, two grants are awarded. The grants have been used by recent recipients for research all over the world. Information on the grant and how to apply is available on our website.



2)      Keynote by Jan Kregel

Each year ASE holds a Plenary Session and Reception the night before the start of the ASSA conference in San Francisco. This year, the keynote address will be given by Jan Kregel, Director of Research at the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College and head of its Monetary Policy and Financial Structure program. The title of Jan’s talk is: “The Global Financial Crisis: What Have We Learned?” The event will take place at 6:30 PM on January 2. If you are coming to ASSA, please make sure to attend! These events are always fun and very well attended.


3)      ASE Sessions

The theme of the ASE at ASSA program this year is financialisation. The program was put together by Giuseppe Fontana. There will be seven sessions on the following topics: (1) Job Guarantee: Issues in Social and Ecological Justice; (2) Great Thinkers on Ethics, Economics, and Financial Markets; (3) Financialisation and Inequality; (4) Financialisation and Institutional Changes; (5) Institutions, Markets, and Ethics; (6) Financialisation, Policy and Spatial Inequalities; and (7) Financialisation and Gender.


4)      Other Events

A number of other important ASE events take place at the ASSA meetings. The ASE General Membership Meeting will be held on Sunday afternoon. On Monday morning, enjoy a very nice breakfast and listen to Ellen Mutari who will give her Presidential Address on Social Practices and Economic Life. Meetings are also held on ASE's two journals: the Review of Social Economy and the Forum for Social Economics. Please check the program on the ASE website.



5)      15TH World Congress a Success

In June 2015, ASE held the 15th World Congress of Social Economics at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, near Niagara Falls. The Congress began with a dinner and a talk from Kari Polanyi Levitt, Professor Emerita at McGill University and daughter of Karl Polanyi. At the end of the first full day the group toured Niagara Falls before dining at Peller Estates Winery, where they listened to Lord Robert Skidelsky (University of Warwick). Throughout the two days of the conference, attendants heard insightful and challenging talks from scholars long affiliated with the ASE as well as those new to the group.


6)      Summer School

The 15th World Congress was preceded by a Summer School for graduate students and early-career faculty. Presenters included Wilfred Dolfsma on Social Economics: Structure and Content of Relations; Zohreh Emami on Teaching and Learning in Economics; Jonathan Wight on Adam Smith and Vernon Smith; John Davis on The Crisis in the Economy and the Crisis in Economics; Irene van Staveren on A Macroeconomic Perspective in Social Economics; Ilene Grabel on Financial Multipolarity and the Global Crisis; Deborah Figart on How to Publish your Research; and George DeMartino on Epistemic Aspects of Economic Practice and the Need for Professional Economic Ethics.



7)      Western Social Science Association Conference

The 57th Annual WSSA conference will be held April 8-11, 2015, in Portland, OR, USA, at the Marriott Hotel. ASE is in the process of developing a relationship with the Western Social Science Association and encourages paper and session proposals by ASE members who will be registered for the "General Economics" section. The deadline for proposals is November 8, 2014. Please check the ASE website if you are interested.


8)      Eastern Economic Association Meetings

Submissions are now open for ASE sessions at the 2016 Eastern Economics Association meetings, being held in Washington D.C. from February 25 – 28, 2016. Please e-mail Michael Murray ( your proposals for papers and/or complete sessions (or any questions about the meetings) by Saturday, November 21, 2015.



9)      Forum To Be Published Four Times a Year

As of 2016, an agreement has been reached with Taylor & Francis to publish the ASE journal Forum for Social Economics four times a year. This is great news as it will give more visibility to the journal. Keep Forum in mind when submit your work to journals!


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