Spring 2014 “awards” Issue



1) Economist cum philosopher
2) Capabilities and Social Justice
3) ASSA Sessions and WarrenSamuels Prize

4) Lifetime Contribution to Social Economics
5) Exceptional Service to ASE


6) Best Paper in RoSE
7) Best Paper in Forum
8) PhD Research Grant

9) Special Issue of the Forum
10) Upcoming Conferences



1)      Economist cum philosopher

Yes, this was already several months ago, and Spring is almost over. But before you forget, here are some of the highlights of the ASE at ASSA in case you missed it! Outgoing President Jonathan Wight from the University of Richmond gave his Presidential Address on “Economics Within a Pluralist Ethical Tradition.” You will be able to read the address in a forthcoming issue of RoSE.  He then passed the baton to Mark White from College of Staten Island/CUNY as the new President of ASE. Mark is a philosopher cum economist known not only for his scholarly work but also for a series of popular philosophy books on superheroes (you probably knew this)! Got ideas or want to contribute to ASE? Please send an email to Mark at Log into your account to view the email address..

Mark White


2)      Capabilities and Social Justice

Martha Nussbaum

The ASE plenary address at the ASSA meeting was delivered by Martha Nussbaum on “Capabilities and Social Justice: Why Economics Needs Philosophy.”  Despite the snow, this was well attended with Martha delivering the address by skype (the snow prevented her from attending in person). In case you are interested in the topic of capabilities, it is worth mentioning that there is a journal devoted to work in this area – the Journal of Human Development and Capabilities published by the Human Development and Capabilities Association.


3)      ASSA Sessions and Warren Samuels Prize

Steven McMullen

ASE held seven sessions at ASSA, with a focus on law and economics. Mark White is editing a book for Palgrave Macmillan with some of the papers. As to the Warren Samuels Prize for best paper, it went to Steven McMullen from Calvin College (left) and Daniel Molling from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City (right) for their paper "Environmental Ethics, Economics, and Property Law".

Daniel Molling



4)      Lifetime Contribution to Social Economics

Julie A. Nelson

This year’s Thomas F. Divine award for lifetime contributions to social economics and the social economy was given to Julie A. Nelson of the University of Massachusetts in Boston. Her areas of expertise include gender and economics; philosophy and the methodology of economics; ecological economics; and quantitative methods. Her work has appeared in top journals (such as the American Economic Review, Econometrica, and Journal of Political Economy). She is also an Associate Editor of Feminist Economics, among many other activities. 


5)      Exceptional Service to ASE

Bruce Pietrykowski of the University of Michigan-Dearborn received the Ludwig Mai Service Award for exceptional service to the Association.  Bruce’s fields include labor economics, economic geography, political economy, … and motor city voices (with museum exhibits on the contributions of labor and community activists to the struggle for social and economic justice in Detroit in the 1960s). He is a longtime Editorial Board Member of the Review of Social Economy and serves as the Association’s Midwest Regional Director.

Bruce Pietrykowski



6)     Best Paper in RoSE

Ayman Reda

The Helen Potter Award is presented each year to the author of the best article in the Review of Social Economy by a promising scholar of social economics. The 2013 recipient is Ayman Reda of the Lebanese American University in Beirut for his article “Islam and Markets” published in RoSE’s Volume 71, Issue 1, in March 2013.


7)      Best Paper in Forum

Peter M. Spiegler

The Patrick J. Welch Award for best paper in the Forum for Social Economics was established in 2012. The 2013 recipients are Peter M. Spiegler from the University of Massachusetts (left) and William Milberg from the New School University (right) for their paper “Methodenstreit 2013? Historical Perspective on the Contemporary Debate Over How to Reform Economics” published in Volume 42, Issue 4, in 2013.

William Milberg


8)      PhD Research Grant

The William R. Waters summer research grant for a promising new faculty  member who has not yet been granted tenure or a graduate student working on a Ph.D. dissertation was awarded to Josie I. Chen, a Ph.D. Candidate in Economics at Brown University for her work on  “Understanding the Incentives for Microfinance Lending”.

PhD Research Grant


9)      Special Issue of the Forum

Cecilia Winters is putting together a special issue of the Forum for Social Economics on “The Minimum Wage Controversy: Thinking Outside the Box”. She hopes to get the issue out late 2015. If you would like to contribute, you need to submit an abstract by September 1, 2014, and a final manuscript by January 15, 2015.  The maximum length of original research articles is between 6,500 and 8,500 words. The length for shorter papers such as review articles is no longer than 4,000 words. Please contact Cecilia at Log into your account to view the email address. for details.

Cecilia Winters


10)      Upcoming Conferences

While it is now too late to submit proposals for ASE at ASSA in January 2015 in Boston, as well as for the Southern Economic Association Annual Meeting on November 22-24, 2014 in Atlanta, you can still submit proposals for papers or sessions for the Missouri Valley Economic Association. Please do so by July 10, 2014 to Aparna Mitra (Log into your account to view the email address.). The deadlines for submitting papers or sessions for the 2015 Midwest Economics Association will likely be in October, and the deadline for the 2015 Western Social Science Association will likely be in November 2014.  Please check the ASE website to make sure you do not miss those.


Please send us your prose! If you google “Association for Social Economics Newsletter”, you may find a newsletter dating back to 1987. We revived the newsletter in the spring of 2013. If you would like to submit contents, please contact Quentin Wodon at Log into your account to view the email address.. The newsletter is published three times a year. Thank you.