Spring 2015 Issue



Call for Applicants
1) William Waters Grant

ASE Interview Series
2) Jonathan Wight
3) Wilfred Dolfsma

Upcoming Conferences
4) World Congress
5) Summer School


6) ASE at ASSA 2016
7) Other conferences

Special Journal Issues
8) RoSE: Gender and child marriage
9) Forum: Two Special Issues

Recently Published
10) Law and Social Economics



1)      William Waters Grant

The William R. Waters Research Grant was established in 1999. The research grant is for promising new faculty members who have not yet been granted tenure and for graduate students in PhD programs who have not yet completed their dissertation. The current amount of the annual grant is up to $5000. In some years, two grants are awarded. The grants have been used by recent recipients for research all over the world. Information on the grant and how to apply is available on our website. To download the flier announcing the research grant, please click here.



2)      Jonathan Wight

“We would laugh, cry, and talk about how the abstract homo economicus model failed to capture so much of what we wanted to explain about the real world.” This sentence is an excerpt from the ASE interview with Jonathan Wight, a Professor of Economics and International Studies at the University of Richmond and a past President of ASE. Please read the interview here and learn about Jonathan’s advice for young researchers. You will also learn about the novel he wrote about Adam Smith.


3)      Wilfred Dolfsma

“Force-feeding insights is not the way to grow an academic field. The key is to aim for understanding of real world phenomena.” This sentence is an excerpt from the ASE interview with Wilfred Dolfsma, Professor of strategy and innovation at the University of Groningen School of Economics and Business, and the editor of the Review of Social Economy. Please read the interview here and learn about Wilfred’s insights for social economics and our Association.




4)      World Congress

The 15th World Congress of Social Economics on “Doing Social Economics” will be held at Brock University on June 22-24, 2015. The university is located in St. Catharines, Ontario, within an hour’s drive of Toronto, Hamilton, and Buffalo, N.Y. Brock is easily accessible and close to major attractions (such as Niagara Falls), airports, and shopping. The Keynote Speaker at the conference dinner will be Robert Skidelsky, Emeritus Professor of Political Economy at the University of Warwick, England. Please join us.


5)      Summer School

The ASE Summer School in Social Economics will be held just before the World Congress at Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, from June 21-22, 2015. The deadline has passed for scholarships, but even without a scholarship, you may learn a thing or two and it is worth attending. Topics will include poverty, inequality, and justice; the two Smiths (Adam and Vernon), as well as social diversity, pluralism, and the direction of economics.


6)      ASE at ASSA 2016

The AEA-ASSA annual meetings in January 2016 will be held in San Francisco on January 3-5 the call for papers for the ASE sessions at the conference closed on May 1. The theme will be Financialization, Ethics, and Sustainable Development. We all hope to see you there!


7)      Other Conferences

Every year, ASE typically organizes sessions at regional conferences, including the Southern Economic Association Annual Meeting; the Western Social Science Association Annual Meeting; the Midwest Economics Association Annual Meeting; the Eastern Economic Association Annual Meeting; and the Missouri Valley Economic Association Annual Meeting. Calls for papers are posted on the ASE website well ahead of each meeting – please check the website for regular updates.




8)      RoSE: Gender and child marriage

A special issue of the Review of Social Economy is being prepared on gender and child marriage, with an emphasis on education. Articles can be submitted based on quantitative or qualitative data. Theoretical or conceptual contributions are also welcome. The call for papers is available here. The deadline for submissions is May 30. Please send an email to Quentin Wodon if you are interested (Log into your account to view the email address.).


9)      Forum: Two Special Issues

A special issue of Forum is being prepared by Stefan Mann on Meritorics and Paternalism. Please go to the journal website for more information. Another special issue is being prepared on out-of-school children, with an emphasis on children in contexts of adversity. The call for papers is available here. The deadline for submissions is May 30. Please send an email to Quentin Wodon if you are interested (Log into your account to view the email address.).




10)      Law and Social Economics

As mentioned in a previous newsletter, Mark White edits a book series on social economics with Palgrave Macmillan. A new volume based on papers presented at last year’s ASSA conference has been published in Mark’s series. The volume is entitled Law and Social Economics: Essays in Ethical Values for Theory, Practice, and Policy. The chapters employ a variety of approaches to show how a more ethically nuanced approach to economics and the law can illuminate both fields and open up new avenues for studying social-economic behavior, policy, and outcomes in all their complexity.


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