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1) Nominees for ASE Officer Positions
2) Forum Prize for Best Paper
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ASE at ASSA in Philadelphia

4) Keynote by Martha Nussbaum
5) ASE Sessions at ASSA


Social Economics at RePEc

6) RePEc – What's In It for You?
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1)      Nominees for ASE Officer Positions

Nominees for ASE Officer Positions

The ASE nominating committee chaired by Zoherh Emami has proposed Mark White for President in 2013, Ellen Mutari for President-elect, and … Giuseppe Fontana for Vice President (photo).  Giuseppe is Professor of Monetary Economics and Head of Economics Divisions at the University of Leeds.  Four candidates have been nominated for two trustee positions: Nina Banks, Associate Professor of Economics at Bucknell University; George DiMartino, Professor of Economics at the University of Denver; Robert F. Garnett, Professor of Economics at Texas Christian University; and Pavlina Tcherneva, Assistant Professor of Economics at Bard College.


2)      Forum Prize

The 2012 Forum best paper award sponsored by Taylor & Francis was given to Rojhat B. Avsar's paper On the Pro-Social Security Rhetoric.  In this paper, Dr. Avsar offers a discussion of current arguments surrounding Social Security issues and focuses on reasons to support a non-privatized system on the grounds of its provision of a 'social income insurance scheme whose provision favors the least fortunate in a Rawlsian fashion'. Exposing problems that privatized provision schemes inherently carry once normative social provisioning issues are taken seriously he moves on to offer compelling reasons for a publicly supported Social Security system. His considerations and reasoning touch upon the heart of what social economics is all about. Dr. Avsar is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Columbia College Chicago.

Forum Prize


3)     Newsletter Interview Series: John Davis

Interview with John Davis

“The greatest single obstacle [in economics] is the profession’s denial that values underlie economic reasoning and operate throughout economic life…  Social economics matters because it advances a humanistic agenda.”

Would you like to know more?  This feature kicks off the newsletter interview series with prominent social economics.  Thanks to John Davis, a past President of the Association for Social Economics, for leading off this discussion.  John is a Professor of Economics at Marquette University and Professor and Chair of History and Philosophy of Economics at University of Amsterdam. The interview is available here.



4)      Keynote by Martha Nussbaum

Keynote by Martha Nussbaum

We are delighted to announce that the ASE plenary address at the ASSA meeting in Philadelphia in January 2014 will be delivered by Martha Nussbaum.  Martha is the Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics, with appointments in the Law School and the Philosophy Department, University of Chicago.  Her keynote address will be entitled: "Capabilities and Social Justice: Why Economics Needs Philosophy."


5)      ASE Sessions at ASSA

The theme for next year's ASE sessions at ASSA is exploring the relationships between law and social economics.  ASE will hold seven sessions on 1) Gender, Law, and Social Economics; 2) Law and Social Economics: Foundations; 3) Law and Social Economics: Applications; 4) Overcoming Causes of Income Inequality and Fostering Economic and Social Stability (co-sponsored by the Association for Evolutionary Economics and the American Economic Association); 5) Social Entrepreneurship: Maximizing Impact and Innovation; 6) The Environment, Law, and Social Economics; and 7) The Ethics and Economics of Corporation Governance, Finance, and the Great Recession.  The complete program (with days and times) is available on the ASE blog and website.

ASE Sessions at ASSA



6)      RePEc – What's In It for You?

RePEc – What’s In It for You?

RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) is a collaborative effort of hundreds of volunteers in 76 countries to enhance the dissemination of research in economics. The heart of the project is a freely accessible decentralized bibliographic database of working papers, journal articles, books, books chapters and software components. Registering with RePEc is free and helps give visibility to your works. Authors receive a monthly email with their ranking in the profession, statistics on abstract views and downloads, and citation information.  Please check the service at


7)      Who Has Published What Recently?

A social economics publications list is now available at RePEc with publications for 59 authors associated with social economics, most of whom are current members of ASE.  If you would like to be added to the list, please register with RePEc and then send an email to Quentin Wodon at Log into your account to view the email address.. The list provides links to working papers, journal articles, and books by the authors listed.  It is organized by date, so you can quickly check what your colleagues have published recently.  The list is available at

Who Has Published What Recently?


8)      Social Economics Bibliography and Papers

We are in the process of creating a selective social economics bibliography at RePEc that will be useful for students and researchers to locate some of the best papers in the field. Please help us identify those papers by sending your recommendations for inclusion to Quentin Wodon at Log into your account to view the email address.. The bibliography will consist of about ten items each for a dozen subfields and it should be ready by this fall. You can also share your syllabus, if that is easier, since it probably includes references to your favorite articles and books. Also, the next newsletter will explore how to use SSRN to post your working papers.  Thank you!



9)      ASE at Regional Conferences

Apart from its sessions at the ASSA annual meetings, ASE holds sessions at regional conferences.  Upcoming sessions will be held at the Missouri Valley Economic Association Meetings in Kansas City in October 2013 and at the Southern Economic Association Meetings in Tampa in November 2013.  While the deadlines for submissions have passed for these two conferences, we encourage you to regularly check the ASE website for opportunities. A call for papers for the ASE sessions at the 2014 Eastern Economic Association meetings will be available this fall.

ASE at Regional Conferences


10)  Upcoming SGE and APPAM Conferences

The Society of Government Economists (SGE) and the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) will hold their annual conferences in Washington DC back to back on November 6 (SGE) and November 7-10, 2013 (APPAM).  This is a unique opportunity to come to DC and brush up on economics applied to important public policy issues.  While APPAM has closed its call for papers, you can still submit proposals for the SGE conference until September 3, 2013.  Please visit for more information.


Please send us your prose!  If you google "Association for Social Economics Newsletter", you may find a newsletter dating back to 1987. We revived the newsletter in the spring of 2013. If you would like to submit contents, please contact Quentin Wodon at Log into your account to view the email address.. The newsletter is published quarterly.  Thank you.