The Warren Samuels Prize is awarded to a paper, scheduled to be presented at the January ASSA meetings, that best exemplifies scholarly work that:

  • Is of high quality,
  • Is important to the project of social economics,
  • Has broad appeal across disciplines.

It is preferable, but not required, that the paper be scheduled to be presented at one of the ASSA sessions sponsored by the Association for Social Economics. Papers will not normally exceed 9,000 words (inclusive of references, notes).

The winner of the prize will be announced during the ASE presidential breakfast, to which the winner is invited. Submission of the winning paper to the Review of Social Economy is encouraged. The winner of the Warren Samuels Prize receives a $500 stipend. Submissions will be solicited during the summer and fall preceding the ASSA meetings, and will be due by mid-December.

The Association for Social Economics (ASE) is a scholarly research association whose members study economic, social, political, and cultural issues to understand and promote human dignity, justice, and the full flourishing of all members of society. ASE and the Review of Social Economy are fully committed to the promotion of diversity and inclusion in the profession.

The selection committee consists of:

The immediate Past-President of the ASE;
A Co-editor of the Review of Social Economy (Chair);
A member of the Editorial Board, Review of Social Economy.

Past Recipients:

2023 Rojhat Avsar
Ashish Sedai
2021 Travis Campbell
Not awarded
Anastasia Cozarenco, Valentina Hartarska, and Ariane Szafarz
2018 Alexander Guschanski & Özlem Onaran
2017 Lindsey K. Novak
2016 Simon Cornee, Panu Kalmi, and Ariane Szafarz
2015 Robert Garnett
2014 Steven McMullen and Daniel Molling
2013 Mary Wrenn
2012 Carl Wennerlind
2010 Edward J. Kane
2008 Robert Scott and Steve Pressman