Call for Papers: 2024 World Congress for Social Economics

Call for Papers

17th World Congress for Social Economics
“Social Economics in a Time of Interlocking Crises”
University of Massachusetts Boston
Boston, MA, United States of America
June 5-6, 2024

The global economy is ensnared in multiple interlocking crises. The Covid-19 pandemic exacerbated a crisis of care and social reproduction, and brought ‘essential’ jobs and essential economic activities to the forefront of public discussion. The greatest extremes that we have yet experienced of heat, rain and wind, droughts and fires constitute a crisis of ecological reproduction from which humans are not exempt.  Extremes of income and wealth inequality entangled with social stratification by race produce variegated forms of economic exclusion, exploitation, and oppression, and fray the social fabric.  Global supply chains experienced significant disruptions challenging long-held assumptions of efficiency. Levels of inflation not seen in decades reemerged, squeezing low-income households and also raising questions about profit inflation during a period of turmoil. An accelerated shift to remote forms of engagement in employment, social, and political life have intensified struggles over digital architecture. To varying extents, the crises have spurred significant experimentation by firms, communities, and states.  
Social economics engages with questions central to these interlocking crises. Social economics is the study of the ethical and social causes and consequences of economic behavior, institutions, organizations, theory, and policy. Social economists engage in many types of research, from explorations of the history and philosophy of economics to quantitative and qualitative examinations of contemporary economic life; and from historical studies of economic activity and institutions to recommendations for policy agendas. The practice and meaning of social economics is continuously defined and redefined by these diverse research agendas. The 17th World Congress of Social Economics offers the opportunity for us to learn from one another and advance economic research for the common good.
We are accepting submissions of individual papers and complete sessions. These can be theoretical, methodological, historical, empirical, or policy oriented. We welcome all papers addressing the interests and concerns of social economists.

Submit your paper proposals.
Application Deadline: March 1, 2024
Notification by: March 15, 2024 

Please see the conference event page for more information. For questions, please contact Organizing Committee Co-Chairs, Leila Davis () or Harry Konstantinidis ().

Conference Organizing Committee: Leila Davis, Chris Jeffords, Harry Konstantinidis, Christine Ngo, Zoe Sherman

Plenary speakers include William A. Darity, Dania Francis, Sirisha Naidu, Juliet Schor, Stephanie Seguino, and Pavlina Tcherneva.

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