2019 Thomas F. Divine Award Announcement

Congratulations to Dr. Katherine Gibson and the late Dr. Julie Graham on winning the 2019 Thomas F. Divine Award! Together, J.K. Gibson-Graham (their blended pen name) have had an enormous impact within and beyond social economics and social economy.

In their landmark book The End of Capitalism (as we knew it): A Feminist Critique of Political Economy (1996) J.K. Gibson-Graham launched a new approach to political economy that has proven to be extraordinarily productive, influential, and inspiring. The book was named a “Classic in Human Geography” in 2009 by the journal Progress in Human Geography.

They co-founded the Community Economies Collective which joins researchers and practitioners around the world in campaigns to construct and sustain diverse economic enterprises; and they co-founded and sustain the Community Economies Research Network. Both organizations are now central to global movements to build ethical economies.

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