The Association for Social Economics was begun in 1941 by a group of economists who sought to bring “the principles of economic ethics into contact with economic reality.”

During the 1940s the first issue of the Review of Social Economy was published, membership was expanded beyond the United States, and both annual meetings and meetings in various regions were begun.

Since the 1950s, the ASE has had an arrangement with the major United States conference of economists (the Allied Social Science Association) for the hosting of several sessions.

In 1970 the organization gained its current name, moving away from a prior explicit connection with specifically Christian ethics. In 1971, the Forum for Social Economics began publication.

Since then, the Association has continued to grow and flourish.

For more about the Association’s early history and leaders, see these essays by Louis F. Buckley and Edward J. O’Boyle. Historical overviews of social economics can also be found in the Association’s journals, such as in these 1991 and 1993 special issues, as well as in many individual articles.

Current and Past Presidents:

2021 Stephanie Seguino
Steven Pressman (Jan. to Aug.); Stephanie Seguino (Sept. to Dec.)
Julie A. Nelson
2018 George F. Demartino
2017 Quentin Wodon
2016 Guiseppe Fontana
2015 Ellen Mutari
2014 Mark White
2013 Jonathan Wight
2012 Martha Starr
2011 Zohreh Emami
2010 Jane Clary
2009 Morris Altman
2008 John Davis
2007 John Tiemstra
2006 Deborah Figart
2005 David George
2004 Patrick J. Welch
2003 Charles K. Wilber
2002 Jon D. Wisman
2001 Anthony Scaperlanda
2000 Edward J. O’boyle
1999 James P. Henderson
1998 Christine Rider
1997 Elba K. Brown-Collier
1996 Hans E. Jensen
1995 Thomas O. Nitsch
1994 Mark A. Lutz
1993 James Ronald Stanfield
1992 Wallace C. Peterson
1991 Kishor Thanawala
1990 John C. O’brien
1988 John E. Elliott
1988 Warren J. Samuels
1987 William R. Waters
1986 Daniel Rush Finn
1985 Robert H. Deans
1984 William M. Dugger
1983 Arnold F. Mckee
1982 Lewis E. Hill
1981 Walter Adams
1980 Robert W. Faulhaber
1979 George F. Rohrlich
1978 Kendall P. Cochran
1977 Stephen T. Worland
1976 Warren J. Bilkey
1975 Thomas J. Hailstones
1974 Joseph W. Mcguire
1973 Peter Danner
1972 Richard J. Ward
1971 Catherine Therese Knoop
1970 James E. Kenney
1969 Richard L. Porter
1968 William A. Hayes
1967 Edmund A. Kurth
1966 James M. Cahill
1965 Thomas J. Mcdonagh
1963 Richard E. Mulcahy
1962 Arthur J. Noetzel
1961 Benjamin L. Masse
1960 Philomena M Mullady
1959 Jerome L Toner
1958 Charles J. Walsh
1957 Mark J. Fitzgerald
1956 Goetz A. Briefs
1955 Emile Bouvier
1954 Walter Froehlich
1953 Friedrich Baerwald
1952 Raymond J. Miller
1951 John H. Sheehan
1950 Josef Solterer
1949 Leo C. Brown
1948 Edward C. Killeen
1947 Louis F. Buckley
1946 John F. Cronin
1945 Bernard W. Dempsey
1944 Raymond J. Saulnier
1943 Thomas F. Divine