ASSA 2023 Annual Meeting: Registration, ASE Sessions, and Other Updates

The ASSA 2023 Annual Meeting will be in New Orleans, Louisiana from January 5-8, 2023 and registrations are now being accepted via the AEA website.

The ASE is sponsoring (or co-sponsoring) seven paper sessions and an opening plenary and Q&A session with Guy Numa (Colorado State University), Nina Turner (Institute on Race, Power, and Political Economy), Demond Drummer (PolicyLink), and Grieve Chelwa (Institute on Race, Power, and Political Economy). The title of the plenary session is “The Normative Role of Economics in Weaponizing Race Away From a Moral Political Economy.”

Detailed instructions and session links will be generated closer to the start of the virtual meeting. Please see the AEA website for the preliminary program and search for ASE sessions by choosing “Association for Social Economics” from the drop-down menu. Please join us at the plenary session and ASE sessions!

Please join us at the following events:
1. Plenary Session and Reception: Thursday, January 5 @ 6:30pm @ J.W. Marriott New Orleans, Ile de France I
2. General Membership and Business Meeting: Friday, January 6 @ 4:45pm @ J.W. Marriott New Orleans, Endymion
3 Presidential Breakfast (Fee Event): Saturday, January 7 @ 7:45am @ J.W. Marriott New Orleans, Ile de France III

For more information about all the ASE-sponsored sessions, please see the following flyer.

For more information, please contact the ASE Executive Secretary at .

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