Call for Papers: ASE Sessions at ASSA 2022

The Multiple Facets of Inequality

The conservative revolution of the 1980s led to significant institutional changes that eroded public interventions in the economy. These changes led to an increase in inequality and both relative and absolute deprivation. Forty years after, no alternative has yet emerged to this conservative “consensus” of the late 20th century. The theme of the 2022 ASE sessions at the ASSA meetings that will take place from January 6 to January 9 will explore the multiple facets of inequality.

For the ASE sessions of the 2022 ASSA meetings, we welcome proposals for papers/sessions on all aspects of social economics, but preference will be given to papers that address the 2022 theme. Possible questions to consider but are not limited to:

  • Political economy of inequality.
  • Is there a link between inequality and the rise of populism?
  • Inequality and the erosion of democracy
  • Racial, gender or other identity-based discrimination and their impact on inequalities.
  • Income and wealth inequality.
  • The importance of inheritance on the life cycle financial outcomes.
  • Non-monetary inequalities.
  • Inequalities in the benefit/cost of environmental/ecological amenities
  • Political philosophy and inequality. What and how much should we equalize?

Proposals for papers as well as complete sessions are welcome. The submission deadline is May 7, 2021.  

Submission guidelines:

Paper proposals should include: 1) author name, affiliation, and contact information, and 2) title and abstract of proposed papers (250-word limit).

Session proposals should include: 1) session title and abstract (250-word limit), 2) name, affiliation, and contact information of session organizers, 3) titles and abstracts of proposed papers (250 word limit each).

Questions, as well as paper and sessions submissions should be sent to Paul Makdissi () by May 7, 2021.

Individuals whose papers are accepted for presentation must either be or become members of the Association for Social Economics by July 1, 2021 in order for the paper to be included in the program. Membership information can be found at

All papers presented at the ASSA meetings are eligible for the Warren Samuels Prize, awarded to the best paper that advances the goals of social economics and has widespread appeal. Papers can also be considered for a special issue of one of the association’s journals, or for edited volumes.

Note: Due to limited session slots, we unfortunately cannot accept all submissions. Papers and sessions not accepted for the ASE program will be automatically considered for the ASE portion of the ICAPE conference, which will be held right before the ASSA meetings on January 6. See for details.

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