Submission Deadline Extended: ASE at ASSA 2021

The ASE invites paper and session proposals for the ASSA Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL from January 3-5, 2021.

This year’s theme is Stratification and Intergroup Inequality.

Update: In light of COVID-19, the deadline for submitting a proposal for the ASE sessions at the 2021 ASSA meetings has been extended to May 6, 2020. We welcome proposals for papers/sessions on all aspects of social economics in addition to papers on the conference theme of stratification.

Persistent racial and gender inequality remain central themes in economic analysis, challenging economists to develop new theoretical approaches to better understand this phenomenon and to guide policy solutions. The theme of the 2021 ASE meetings will be devoted to exploring stratification economics, a framework within which to explore the tenacity of intergroup inequality over time. This theoretical framework is differentiated from other approaches in that it incorporates the foundational role that identity group stratification has played in political economy. Stratification economics lends itself to a multidisciplinary approach that recognizes the roles of sociology, psychology, and political power in perpetuating intergroup inequality.

For the ASE sessions at the 2021 ASSA meetings, we welcome proposals for papers/sessions on all aspects of social economics, but preference will be given to papers that address the 2021 theme. Possible questions to consider include but are not limited to:

  • What is the role of norms and stereotypes in perpetuating intergroup inequality by race and/or gender?
  • What is the relationship between systems of racial stratification and gender stratification? When countries are racially/ethnically heterogeneous, for example, is race a more salient form of stratification than gender?
  • How do the mechanisms of stratification operate differently by race as compared to gender?
  • What is the role of macroeconomic conditions in exacerbating or alleviating racial and gender animus that contribute to intergroup inequality?
  • What are the mechanisms that produce an economic return to “whiteness”?
  • What is the relationship between mass incarceration and the persistence of racial inequality and stratification?
  • What can economists learn from research on implicit bias and its contribution to intergroup inequality?
  • What sorts of empirical methodologies are appropriate for studying the impact of stratification on gender and racial economic outcomes?
  • What is the role of wealth inequality in perpetuating gender and racial inequality and what policies might be applied to address this problem?

Proposals for papers as well as complete sessions are welcome. The submission deadline is May 6, 2020.  

Submission guidelines:

Paper proposals should include: 1) author name, affiliation, and contact information, and 2) title and abstract of proposed papers (250 word limit).

Session proposals should include: 1) session title and abstract (250 word limit), 2) name, affiliation, and contact information of session organizers, 3) titles and abstracts of proposed papers (250 word limit each).

Questions, as well as paper and sessions submissions should be sent to Stephanie Seguino () by May 6, 2020.

Individuals whose papers are accepted for presentation must either be or become members of the Association for Social Economics by July 1, 2021 in order for the paper to be included in the program. Membership information can be found at

All papers presented at the ASSA meetings are eligible for the Warren Samuels Prize, awarded to the best paper that advances the goals of social economics and has widespread appeal. Papers can also be considered for a special issue of one of the association’s journals, or for edited volumes.

Note: Due to limited session slots, we unfortunately cannot accept all submissions. Papers and sessions not accepted for the ASE program will be automatically considered for the ASE portion of the ICAPE conference, which will be held right after the ASSA meetings. See for details.

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