The ASE is seeking a new Program Secretary!

The Association for Social Economics (ASE) seeks a new Program Secretary. The Program Secretary is responsible for coordinating efforts in order to ensure smooth running of the ASE sessions at the Allied Social Science Associations (ASSA) annual meeting. This is a three-year term from January 2020 through December 2022, and the Program Secretary is appointed by the Executive Council of the ASE.

The Program Secretary:

  • Coordinates with the ASSA for the annual meeting; works to plan the annual membership meeting, plenary session, breakfast, and sessions, ensuring that all are included in the general program.
  • Works with the ASSA and the ASE President-Elect on the program for the annual meetings; proofs galleys for ASSA program book, especially those pages relating directly to ASE sessions.
  • Arranges for and sets menus and prices for the Association Presidential breakfast and the plenary session and makes certain that the breakfast is included in the ASSA pre-registration materials as a fee event.
  • Notifies members of the availability of the ASSA-provided pre-registration.
  • Receives a reimbursement not to exceed $750 annually to partially cover the cost of attending the annual meetings of ASE in association with the ASSA meetings if full funding is not provided by the individual’s host institution.
  • Receives one of the two complimentary rooms allocated to the ASE at the annual meetings with ASSA.
  • Represents the ASE on the committee that determines the allocation of ASSA sessions.
  • Serves on the Finance Committee.
  • Is a voting member of the Executive Council

The ASE is committed to equity in its policies and practices. The search committee ensures that applications for members of underrepresented groups are seriously considered. All qualified individuals who would contribute to the further diversification of our association are encouraged to apply. Self-identification to an underrepresented group is on a voluntary basis.

In order to apply, please send a letter of interest and a CV to Prof. Steven Pressman (), President Elect of the ASE. The nomination committee will start looking at applications in early December. Interviews will be held shortly thereafter.

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